Let the Students Go Home Now, the World Won’t End If They Don’t Write Exams this Year – Parents Cry Out

The government of the Republic announced the resumption of school for all final year students after they were given a break because of the coronavirus disease.

Some of the students have been contracted the disease after returning back to school which has made the parents worried about the situation.

It was recently announced that six students from Accra Girls Senior High School have contracted the disease which has raised alarm in the country because the students that have contracted the disease can transmit it to their colleagues.

This made the parents of the students paraded in the Campus to go for their children but it is not allowed so they were not able to take their children back home.

The president stated something earlier that the Lost economy can be restored but the Lost life cannot be restored so each and everyone should protect him or herself.

This has made people also stated that if they cancel this year’s academic calendar and allow the students to write their exams in the next academic calendar what will happen because in everything life is the first thing that matters.

They are quoting that the world will not come to an end if they do not write exams this year.

Scientists are still managing to bring out a drug or a vaccine so that we can use it to protect our self but before the presence of the drug many people are telling the president to halt his decisions so that the life of many people will not be at risk.

If ministers are contracting the virus how can a Junior High School student protect himself with just a face mask? The parents are asking the government.

What is your opinion on this? Should the students get back home or they should still remain on campus?

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