Let’s Keep All Churches In the Whole World Locked Forever Even After Coronavirus Is Gone – Man Says

Let's keep all Churches locked forever

A young man has gone online saying that All churches should be forever closed giving his reasons for this. Here is what he said below;

It’s been more than five Sundays now that the doors of churches worldwide have been closed and nothing strange has happened to the world. Thanks to corona virus, anyway, which has humbled everybody including the Eyes of God on Earth.

Well, many of our men of God are claiming that they are not afraid of the virus; they are just respecting the authorities of the land as directed by the Bible. If not, what is coronavirus to the anointing oil and holy sacrament?

Whichever, the church is locked and why can’t we just keep it locked forever. Since corona virus has stopped us from going to church, God has not stop His mercies over the Earth, He still gives us rain at its time, sun and moon are still showing forth of God’s goodness. God has not fail in fulfilling any of his promises, in fact, His mercies truly endure forever.

The only people that can have problem with this proposition are the Clergies, those who trade in God’s name, but they should not be too worried, their greed is taking care of in my proposal. If we locked the churches forever, we can do our offerings online.  Since we are still in good terms with God despite our inabilities to go to church, He will still give us wealth and using it to serve him will not be a bad thing.

The world is now digital and if we stop going to church we can pay our tithes and offerings online, as we are already doing in my church, Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, we do our giving via USSD code. (*389*30*1) You can’t beat my church on that.

So, offering will still be taken and am assuring you there won’t be loss of revenue, as more people will be paying anonymously from the comfort of their homes. Trust me, it will work.

Let’s lock the church forever; amazing things happen online. About 65 people have been cured of corona virus by listening to Bishop David Oyedepo online, a woman safely delivered in Port Harcourt after watching Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Diverse testimonies, I cannot mention all, you can also google it, if you are interested.

There is an amazing story in the Bible, it was not even a story, it was an event and Jesus Christ was there. The Centurion who came to Jesus about his paralyzed servant, he asked Jesus to just send His words. The Bible recorded in Mathew Chapter eight, from verse seven that Jesus Christ obliged to help the Centurion and was marveled by the faith displayed by this Centurion and He sent His words, and the words healed the boy at that same hour. I know the church of today have greater faith and our Papas and GOs can just be sending the words to us online, we shall be receiving them and to God shall be all the glory.

What is even a church? A building, ordinary building, let’s stop going there and build temples for God in our hearts. I think that is the most important and whenever we wish to fellowship with brethren, two or three people are enough. The Bible assured us of that “where two or three are gathered in ‘His’ name, ‘He’ will be there”. So our home can be the new church, it is also cheaper.

So, why can’t we lock the church forever? The words of God must be in our mouths every minute as commanded by the Bible by stopping going to church we shall get use to the online churches which will be available 247 and then we can fellowship 247, unlike the Sunday Sunday Christian that many of us are.
Let’s lock the church forever and we won’t miss a thing both the Sheep and the Shepherd.

Do you agree with what this guy was sayin? What do you have to say about this? Do you agree that churches should be locked forever or not? Drop your comments.

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