Lockdown Will Last For Three and Half Years In Africa According to the Bible – Lady Reveals

Lockdown will last for three and half years in Africa

Jadesola Taiwo, A 23-year-old Lagos-based lady has come out to reveal when the lockdown in Africa will end. In a chat with a Reporter, Jadesola said she got her answers from the Biblical book of Daniel Chapter 7.

Jade who expressed her fears at everything she read in the book divulged that the lockdown would last for ‘three and half years’.
Looking at verses 24-25 of Daniel Chapter 7, Jade said the ruler that would appear was the current African president and this Coronavirus is only a tool for disrupting our religious laws, gatherings, festivals as written in the book.

She also said many people would waste time trying to figure when all these crisis would be over. She enjoined everyone especially Christians to remain faithful until the ‘three and a half years’ are over.


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