Madagascar Cure Not Working As They Just Recorded 45 New Cases Of Coronavirus – Africans React

Madagascar cure not working

Madagascar now has 371 Corona virus cases, 131 recoveries and 2 deaths. The country previously had 128 Corona virus cases and 96 recoveries when it launched its Corona virus medicine, Covid Organics. This is before schools were reopened.

Madagascar had discovered a COVID-19 cure which was launched by the President Andy Rajoelina and they started distributing it to African countries. Some Africans have reacted differently after the spike in cases, these are some of their reactions below;

Mamuzo: A cure is different from a a vaccine. A vaccine prevents you from having the disease while a cure heals you when you have the disease. Madagascar having a cure doesn’t in anyway stop people from having the disease.

Mr Dickson: Maybe we need to start considering that whatever they are busy drinking is not working as well as they thought, we all want to find a cure or vaccine but it is very dangerous to rush this things.

Oracle of the North: The lock down in Madagascar is stricter than in most countries. Madagascar never said they had they have an immune booster, which is great, but don’t mislead people. It would be great if a cure came from Africa. But let us hype something that isn’t proven, either by experience or facts.

Paul Endjala: We know its only mainly catching up with those that refused to take the concoction but the media won’t add this fact to their WHO sponsored reports!

Ukomo Emanuel: We had hope with their concoction…now what?? WHO is celebrating. But again the concoction didn’t mean there would not be new cases, just that they would recover faster.

What do you have to say about this issue as an African? Do you still believe in the cure or you’ve started doubting it? Drop your comments.

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