Madagascar Is Shady and Dubious For Billing Nigeria €170k For There Untested, Silly Coronavirus Herbal Cure – Nigerians React

The popular online doctor, Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey took to her twitter page to comment on the news going around about the Madagascar cure for COVID-19.

The samples of the Madagascar COVID-19 cure were sent to Nigeria some days back. And it has been revealed that Nigeria is to pay the sum of 170,000 euros to Madagascar for this cure.

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While reacting to the news, Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo said, “Madagascar has billed Nigeria 170,000 Euros (78million naira) for the Oroki they sent us. Madagascar is fully cashing out on the stupidity of all of us” said Dr. Olufunmilayo.

The doctor added that ‘Nigeria has herbalists and herb therapists- why not invest this 78million on them and use our own herbs?
‘This is a disgrace’ – she remarked.

She continued saying “If we are so desperate to use herbs, why not simply use our own locally sourced herbs?

Why not develop our own herbal therapy, test it using international scientific standards, make sure it is clinically safe and use it. Why not invest in our own?

This is national stupidity. I have always maintained that Madagascar is shady and dubious. You people called me a doubting Thomas.

Now we would pay them 78million naira for an untested, unverified and an unproven silly herbal drink that we can also make in our own country.

This is the height of madness” – said Dr Olufunmilayo. Below are some reactions from Other Nigerians.

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