Main Reason WHO Rejects Madagascar Herbal Treatment For Coronavirus Is Because They Are Not Willing to Support Anything That Comes From Africa

Who rejects Madagascar herbal cure

According to a say, If there is no enemy from within, the enemy on the outside can do us no harm. It is lack of unity that is more deadly than the invisible enemy Covid 19 itself. Does it really matter which continent discovers the cure first? Does our ego and pride as nations matters more than the thousands of lives perishing everyday due to our ignorance? or the reality of the matter is that they won’t approve anything from Africa?

The president of Madagascar, president Andry Rajoelina has boldly, stated that his country has discovered a solution to this global pandemic which has claimed millions of lives, he stated that they have found a traditional remedy which is a cure, and they took the liberty to conduct trials to test its effectiveness, and 2 people were successfully cured by the traditional remedy, the remedy was developed by the Malagasy institute of applied research( IMRA), the traditional remedy gives results in 7 days.

The head doctor of this outstanding discovery, Dr Charles Andrianjara stated that “COVID-Organics will be used as prophylyxis, that is for prevention, but clinical observations have shown a trend towards its effectiveness in curative treatment,’’ the president of Madagascar set an example, by drinking the beverage, in order to instil confidence to people that the remedy cures, and it is not harmful.

In the mist of this magnificent discovery, instead of developing the concept even further, the world health organization is not interested in the discovery, they are not even willing to investigate and test the authenticity of the traditional remedy, this is a critical moment, where the world is shaken in every direction, we are at the centre of the pandemic and it would be very wise to leave no stones unturned, and try and test every possible cure.

They are not willing to validate neither support anything that comes from Africa, why is that herbal medicine is considered harmful but a vaccine marked safe? It is in this very moment that we should be united and work together to discover the cure.

One of the beautiful thing that has accompanied the discovery of this remedy, is that it has allowed Africa to unite, Senegalese president Macky Sall, congratulated the president of Madagascar on the discovery, and he also placed the first order, and more other African countries have been supportive.

It is through this that I got to realise that Africa will rise above its ashes, Africa is destined to be great and we are the warehouse of the entire world, this is our moment to rise and really claim our position of power and authority.

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