Make Deposits Without Filling the Deposit Slip, Introducing GTBank’s 737 Fast Track Deposit

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), which is one of the highly patronized banks in the Nigeria has yet again added a new feature to its 737 banking, known as 737 Fast Track Deposit. It offers all its account holders a faster and more convenient channel to make cash deposits.

The 737 Fast Track Deposit enables customers to make deposits using the Fast Track points in the Banking Halls without the need to fill the deposit slip or use a Debit Card.

How to Deposit Without Filling Teller

* Simply dial *737*48*Amount*Account Number# from your registered phone number with the bank to initiate.

* Then, select 1 to continue if you are sure of the recipient name displayed on your screen.

* You can proceed to the bank teller to deposit cash.

With this, you do not have to go through the rigor of filling the deposit slip before you can make the deposit into your personal or someone’s account.

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