Mark Of the Beast: Africans and South Asians Countries Will Receive the Covid19 Vaccine First – Bill Bates Says

Africans will receive vaccine first

The billionaire computer genius popularly known as Bill Gates, insisted on this because according to him these continents have lower number of Covid-19 patients, he said this while revealing that the vaccine is still under production and they are making sure they go faster about it on a safer basis. He added that those who are not infected would also take the vaccine against the deadly disease.

“According to DW NEWS, the vaccine is under production and will be made available in a month time. The American Billionaire Bill gates insist the vaccine should be tested in Africa and south Asia first because they have low number of covid-19 patients. Report says, the vaccine is to protect the immune system from contracting the Covid-19 virus”.

More so, mostly those that haven’t contracted the virus will be vaccinated to prevent the spread and they’ll be under observation if the vaccine should be implemented all over the world or not.

The vaccine although not available yet may not be able to exactly cure the virus but certainly will be preventing more people from contracting the virus.

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