Mark Of the Beast: Here Is the Seventh Day Adventist Well-taught Prophecy That Is Already Coming to Pass In Kenya

When it comes to in-depth Bible study and prophecy teachings, Seventh Day Adventist church is no doubt in the front as far as the prophetic controversies surrounding the book of Daniel and Revelation is concerned.

Over the years, Adventists have been studying the books of prophecy majoring on the things that have passed, present and things to come. One of the well thought prophecy is the Mark of the Beast and it’s effects on the last day christians.

The church thought about this mark as a number that one will not be able to buy or transact anything in the country without having it. How is the mark of the beast placed on someone’s right hand or forehead? (Revelation 13:16) The Bible says that people receive “the mark of the wild beast” because they follow it “with admiration,” to the point of worshipping it.

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The nation gears up to commence a countrywide registration exercise of the Huduma Namba which will today be officiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta at Masii in Machakos County. The exercise, which is an integrated registration system will run for 45 days and will capture biodata of all Kenyans, information such as name, parents, nationality, education, disability and employment status.

However, there are Kenyans who have grown skeptical of this entire registration, calling it something which had been prophesied in the Bible, whereby in last days of the world, governments will brand its people with the mark of the beast which is enumerated as 666 .

In the Textus Receptus manuscripts of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation (13:17–18) cryptically asserts 666 to be “man’s number” or “the number of a man” (depending on how the text is translated) associated with the Beast, an antagonistic creature that appears briefly about two-thirds into the apocalyptic vision.

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One of the apostles in the Bible,apostle John says,”“This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the Beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.”

Even though there are skeptics around the Huduma Namba registration, there is no proven connection to it being the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Huduma Namba is a government services delivery project which aims to promote the efficiency of delivery of services to taxpayers.

This system going to facilitate national planning and the efficient provision of services to various categories of Kenyans, especially the elderly, school children, the disabled, small and medium enterprises and farmers. It will also be pivotal in managing and control of illegal immigrants and foreigners engaged in criminal activities, such as terrorism, drugs, and fraud.

As the country prepares to enter a new phase with this new development,it is the hope of many Kenyans that this service,which will be launched by president Uhuru,will be very pivotal in improving lives of everyone across the republic.

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