My Girlfriend Love Me So Much That She Stole Her Mum’s Money For Me to Start Business But My Friends Are Now Warning Me Not to Marry Her

Bola has been a very good friend of mine, we both went to the same Primary and Secondary school. Though her Parents don’t like to always see him with me. I could remember when we were in Primary school that I went to their house, her Mummy sent me away out of the house that she doesn’t want to see me with her daughter anymore.

We finished Primary school and we both further to the same secondary school and entered the same university, even though our field of study is different, I read Business administration and she reads Accounting. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

When we finished from University, I couldn’t get job on time, when I search for job and I couldn’t get, I have to think of starting a business but I lack the capital to start the business. I told Bola about my intention to start a business that I am tired of searching for jobs here and there. She was very glad to hear this from me and he Promised to give me full support.

I could remember that the First money Bimpe raised for me was five hundred thousand naira, unknown to me that it was Mummy’s money she gave to me. Now that I am financially stable, I have returned the money back to her but my friends advised me not to marry her that she somehow Promiscuous, that I should not marry her.

I don’t want to disappoint this Lady, she has tried alot for me, starting from the onset that I have been dating her. But the problem is that my friends might see more than what I see.

Please I am in dilemma, I don’t know what to do again. I don’t know whether I should listen to my friends or I should follow my mind which is to go ahead and marry her. Please help.

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  1. Please don’t disappoint her remember where your from and how she helped you to be where your are, may be if she wasn’t the one you couldn’t be where you are . follow your heart and marry her .

  2. Follow your intuition.

  3. You’ve been with her long enough to understand her likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, morals and immorals what more do your friends have to tell you about her?,did they tell her not to support you when u were in your lowest?,are you marring her for your friends or yourself?not everything your friends tell you is right, follow your heart.remember nobody is perfect

  4. From your own words, she showed her love to you. Love awakens love. Her true intentions towards you is clear. She’ll be a good wife. Stick to your wife and don’t others to your marriage.

  5. Olabamiji Abdulrafiu
    Olabamiji Abdulrafiu

    Go for her, your friend may be wrong in his observation. After all, she has given you half of a million naira trust where others are ready to see you debited with half a million naira. Both of you been friend since pry school proves you have something in common pls hurry up to cement the affairs.

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