Meet Jose Mujica, the Most Humble President In the World Who Donated All His Money to Charity and Live In His Small Farm

Most humble president in the world

Jose Mujica of Uruguay is considered to be the most humble world leader that has ever ruled a sovereign nation. He is a perfect example of a leader who has the interests of the common masses at heart.

Unlike most world leaders who enjoy unrestricted public previledges, Jose Mujica always waits in line when accessing public services, he always waits his turn.

A former freedom fighter, he was a guerilla fighter, who faught the injustices of military dictatorships in the early 70’s and 80’s in his native Uruguay. He was imprisoned for 12 years.

Unlike most world leaders, Jose Mujica does not move around in motorcades or convoys, he drives himself around even during official assignments.

He donated all his salary as president of Uruguay, a total of 12,000 dollars a month to charity. He refused to stay in the presidential palace, rather he opted to govern the country from his small farmhouse. He shares this house with his three legged Dog, and some farm animals. His means of transportation is a 1987 Volkswagen Beetle.

He was offered 1 million dollars to sell his Volkswagen Beetle car. He replied thus “if I sell this car for one million dollars, I will donate all the money to a charity foundation”.

Jose Mujica also rejected all the special healthcare packages that came with the office of the president, he prefers to use public hospitals for his check ups and health issues. He doesn’t mind waiting his turn also.

We hope that some African leaders will emulate some of his ways in the future. Money cannot buy you happiness, but some people will rather cry in a mansion than crying in a one room apartment. While money sometimes is important, it does not necessarily guarantee all the happiness in the world.

What advice do you have for African leaders on this? Drop your comments.

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