Meet the Beautiful African Family That Are Based In U.S Where All Members Are Doctors

A Nigerian immigrant family has become an internet sensation after their story went viral on social media.

In every part of the world, there is always that family, in which every member is so different that you wonder if each member is even related to the other. This is the case of family, where one member is a physicist and another is lead singer of rock band, and this seems to be the case most of the time.

However, also there is always that particular family, in which every member is so similar, they love the same things, they dislike the same things and even take career parts in the same fields.

This is the rare type and this Nigerian family of immigrants seem to be on that train. The family is one with three female doctors and two male doctors.

Hebert Oye, is a Nigerian immigrant, who moved to the United States to find greener pastures. Arriving in the States, Oye attended medical school and worked hard to build his own practice.

The doctor also raised four beautiful kids in the United States, a boy and three girls. He has his own vascular surgery practice in the US.

Oye, who splits his time practicing between the US and Nigeria, has another practice in his home country.

His daughter, Melissa Oye, shared a family photo, showing off their abilities as doctors. The young lady shared her father’s story and also expressed that they are all doctors.

She wrote:

“A family of doctors! Our dad, Dr. Herbert Oye, is a Nigerian immigrant. Upon moving to the United States, he attended medical school and has worked tirelessly to build his own Vascular Surgery practice. He has since opened a hospital back in Nigeria and splits his time between the United States and Nigeria. I have three siblings and we are all currently in the medical field as a second, third, and fourth year medical student and a first year Internal Medicine Resident.- Melissa Oye. Family goals! Kudos to dad for setting the example and paving the way. #blackexcellence #becauseofthemwecan.”

Meanwhile, we’ve earlier reported the death of a young Ghanaian man in London.

The deceased, Elyon Poku, a DJ known professionally as Nana Banger, was reportedly stabbed to death over the weekend.

Nana, 20 years of age, was at a house in Stamford Hill, North London, when an argument erupted at a party he was attending.

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