Meet the Small Girl Who Used ATM Light to Do Her Homework

A little girl know as Dele was spotted at a FCMB Bank branch in Nigeria in the night while using its atm’s light to do her homework.

The little girl has claimed that there has not been light in her area for several days now and that the thier kerosene lamp which she normally uses has gone off and that she has no other option but to use the ATM light to do her jome work since it’s close to her house.

The FCMB bank were attracted to the girl because of her act of determination and requested that the little girl should be located. The bank has finally located her and said that they were inspired and will want to do more to support the child.

The bank has applaud the girls determination and commitment to her studies and has decided to sponsor her through all her academical years, and so offered her the sum of 1 million naira.

The bank manager of the branch has earlier said that the picture of the girl was taken by a good Samaritan and also posted on social media which he was able to see and also comprehend.

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