Men Always Reject My Marriage Proposal Because of My Huge Backside and I am Getting Tired Of Life Already

A lady who is confused of what to do with her life since all men always refuse her marriage proposal because of her big backside needs advice on what she can do for her to see husband who will marry her. Below is what the lady said about herself;

My name is Ifunaya Okoye. I am 34 years old and a native of Nnewi in Eastern Nigeria. I am a graduate from University of Harvard. I studied industrial chemistry and currently work in an oil company as a chief laboratory expert.

I have being into many relationships and always pray that most of them lead to marriage but most times, the reverse is the case. I found out that most times, so men that come around me or enter a relationship with me are usually there for the money. This kept happening for a very long time until I meet an honest man who after dating me for about 2 months, told me why I usually get dumped and why he is breaking up with me.

His name is Obiora and he is a son of a known plumber in the estate where I live. Two months after dating Obiora, he told me he thinks he can’t go on with the relationship and advised me to move on. I was completely broken after he made the revelation to me.

According to Obiora, the reason he is breaking up with me is because of the size of my Backside which he said makes he embarrassed anytime we go out together because of the attention it draws to the both of us.

What advice do you have for this lady? Do you think what her boyfriend said is the actual truth or there is another thing aside that? Please advice this lady by saying your view on this using the comment section below.


  1. My dear pls don’t mind that guy. He knows nothing. God knows best and he has a reason to create you like that so forget about him and move on. Relocate if possible come to Ghana and you will find a perfect man to marry. Thank you

    • Don’t mind those local Naija men. Ifunanya baby, you are a paragon of beauty, an African queen, fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.
      I thank God for preserving the woman of my dream. I am from Owerri-Imo state. But I reside in South Africa.

  2. Alhaji Ibrahim Jalloh
    Alhaji Ibrahim Jalloh

    That man has Something that Disturbing him, In fact he is a Scum!

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  6. I don’t believe in what you are talking of. There must be another reason which they are hiding from you. Your structure has nothing to do with your future relationship. Try to find out the main problem.

  7. This is not for lazy Men

  8. Comment*the reason for backing off with this lady by this guy is not the actual truth. I said so because nowadays men are more interested in women with backsides and bigger breast.

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  10. Please please please,my Simon from Ghana +233242444526 really interested on you won’t as to be in relationship and get married you are my dream woman

  11. Mthokozisi Bruce khumaloM
    Mthokozisi Bruce khumaloM

    In Nigeria there is a man of GOD TB Joshua go receive yr deliverance then you wll post testimony after that stop complained ..while that country is blessed by Man of GOD .go take a good news from him..simple .

  12. Mthokozisi Bruce khumalo
    Mthokozisi Bruce khumalo

    In Nigeria there a man of God TB Joshua go take your smile from man of God stop ask help from people .if you met your deliverance : tomorrow yu wll post your testimony ..only God can here your problem not men.

  13. Bby, if you know that your money will allow you to discharge marital responsibilities, & respect your husband then let’s chat on WhatsApp:+2348105383826. I’m a PhD holder in Applied Mathematics working as a research scientist with a federal govt research institution here in Abuja Nigeria. I’m an akwa ibomite & age 52 yrs.

    Your backside can never be the reasons an igbo girl can’t marry but I guess it is your character and attitude.

  14. Pleas

  15. Maybe there must be a mistake in the kind of guys you want or you were with the wrong guy at that time. My advise is that, there must be a key reasons why they are leaving you. Became as a matter of fact, men don’t like a lady who loved to control him or rule over him, no matter how beautiful and rich you’re. They will always leave you behind for a respectful and calm person.

  16. Comment*l am Liberian need to praye, You be my wife

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  18. Bby, your backside poses no problem at all to your being unsble to get a good husband. With your good education & job, your ego & pride may not allow you to submit to a man as a wife.

    If you can work on your character & attitude towards your husband-to-be, especially those that you may be more educated & richer than, then you are a potential wife material.

    I’m 52 yrs, a PhD holder & a research scientist with a federal govt research institution here in Abuja Nigeria.

    I’m equally looking for an educated lady like you for marriage.

    If you are serious with your quest & are to work on the above suggested labses, then let’s chat on WhatsApp: +2348105383826 or hangout:

  19. Comment*well all I saw it’s lie men actually get away from you because they fear the attention you get out there when you are out they just don’t want to be panic or to be watchman all days of there lives ,because the attention you get you attract more men to get closer to you so weak men they can’t handle that stress openly that is jealousy broke niggas, other wise girl you’re beautiful you just need someone grown strong man not these drillers

  20. Faithful woman is always faithful, the men who came after you are not ready to stay with you.your beauty is from the lord,keep on your time will come.I’m from Ghana let boss on

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  22. Ok fine but let be say what they show

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