Men Don’t Chase Ladies Anymore, If You Tell Them No You Won’t See Them Asking You Out Again – Lady Says

Men don't chase adies again

Men often go beyond their limit in order to impress a girl whom they are in love with. They spend money, time and effort trying to find out what that pretty lady really want from a man.

Sometimes men go to the extent of asking friends of their ideal woman of informations about what such woman really love. When they get such information, most men go beyond their limit inorder to win her heart over.

Men who are well to do go to the extent of purchasing a new car, a new house or even a Dubai ticket just to impress such girl they love.

But recently things are beginning to change. Men are beginning to mind their business. They do not stress much about ladies. Majority of men will ask a lady out once or twice and if she decline, he moves on.

The question begging for an answe is this.
* Does this mean that men are now minding their own business?
* Does it mean that love doesn’t exist anymore?

With the recent developement in Nigeria where men are accused on daily basis of rape it seems that men are beginning to wisen up the more. They are beginning to understand that “NO, Does Not Mean, Convince Me”.

Let’s be sincere here, if things eventually turn out to be this way, then who do you think will suffer the most, the man or the woman?.

A South African lady recently took to social media to reveal that men are no longer as persistent as they used to be when wooing a lady. According to the beaitiful lady identified simply as Mmabatho, she lamented that men no longer chase women as they used to and it’s now a two-way thing -Either you say yes or no.

Here is what she wrote:

“I think men don’t put much effort chasing a woman these days, it’s a take it or leave it kind of a situation”😒

Her tweet gained attention of many on the platform as everyone weighs in on the matter. Many believe the place of respecting people’s choices as adults is very okay while a few believe persistence eventually gets you the lady and guys should stop the fire brigade approach of asking women out.

Below are hilarious replies that will make you think about this matter that affect everyone.

No matter whatever side of the divide you might have pitched your tenth, the truth is that we are all faced with a new problem that need an urgent solution.

What is your opinion on this? Kindly drop your comments.

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