Millions Of Africans Will Die In 6 Months If Bill Gates Withdrews His Funds From Africa

Millions of Africans Will Die If Bill Gates Stops Funding

The Co- Founder of Microsoft, American Billionaire and Philanthropist, Bill Gates has been criticized by many Africans for his statements concerning the vaccine his funding to ensure that the pandemic which we have found ourselves in does not wipe out us all out. Bill Gates incurred the anger of some Africans when he said that Africa will be the testing ground for his vaccine.

But a Nigerian lady has taken time on Twitter to enlighten Africans and Nigerians on the help Bill Gates has provided to Africa in the past years which has made it possible for many people to continue live and enjoy healthy life.

According to the lady, If American billionaire suddenly withdraws his funds from under 1- vaccine and anti – HIV drugs, many Africans will die in within 6 months. She went ahead to say that people must be extra dense to think that Bill Gates wants to depopulate Africa using vaccine.

She added that this is not even a “conspiracy theory”, it’s blatant madness. One might tend to agree with the opinion of this lady. Let’s even think of it. Bill Gates has done what many African billionaires can’t do for Africa. Bill Gates has been funding HIV drugs to ensure that people who have HIV in Africa still live a normal life with the help of anti-retroviral drugs.

If his intention is to depopulate Africa, why is he still providing drugs to ensure that people who contract HIV don’t die rather live a normal live. Even his fight against polio is one that has ensured that millions of African children do not die of polio. Children in the Nothern Nigeria are beneficiaries. He is also fighting malaria in Africa. What many Africans do not know is that the mosquito nets you and your family get today is because Bill Gates has made provision for it.

Those who are attacking him left, right and centre need to ask themselves what will happen to Africa if the pandemic gets out of hand. America, UK, Spain, France are fighting to contain it. Bill Gates is seeing what we in Africa are not seeing. Everybody is seeing what is happening in Kano and how Nigeria has responded to it.

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