Most College and University Relationships Don’t Work Because Of These Five Things

why school relationships don't work

You must have tried dating while in campus during your school time, I guess it did not survive for long, only the lucky ones succeeded. College relationships rarely work. Below are some reasons why college relationships don’t Work;

1. Immaturity
Most college students are girls and boys in their early 20s and their level of maturity is still growing. In campus, when a boy calls his girlfriend more than two times without answer, most guys will assume she is cheating, or she is with other guys, same situation with girls. Because of immaturity, when he or she buys you a gift, posts you on WhatsApp status, the same is expected back.

2. Less Romance
Most campus guys will look for their girlfriends only when they ‘miss’ them, no romantic dates, no buying flowers, the relationship is built on s*xual activities.

3. Multiple Partners
On campus, cheating is like any usual business. On weekends, after exams and at the start of the semester, students hook up with each other for sexual activities even when they are just but friends. What starts like a movie in a friend’s room ends up to be unplanned sleepover. It won’t be movies the whole night.

4. Too Many Differences
Campus students fall in love at first sight. Many relationships start during orientation, freshers’ night and during and first week of the semester. When you get to each other better you find out the differences exceeds similarities, she smokes and he don’t, she is a church girl and you are a parting guy, etc.

5. Taking Different Courses
Different courses also mean different free time for these two young lovers, some courses require one to spend much of the time in the library, computer lab doing research, while others are slightly not hard, you can revise few days to exams and still manage to pass. These people fail because one might think the partner is too busy for him or her.

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