Most Of the Ladies That Do Jogging Are Not Doing It For Fitness, It’s to Snatch Other’s Husbands – Lady Reveals

All ladies that go out for morning jogging in the name of fitness, there trick has now been revealed as a Nigerian lady says there main intention is to snatch another woman’s husband.

A Nigerian lady whose name on Twitter is Sinzu Kobz said this when she tweeted:

“Majority of ladies that go out for morning jogging is not really for fitness but to snatch other women husband”

Even though Sinzu did not give details how you ladies use the fitness to your own advantage in the quest to snatch someone’s husband, I think she might be right because she is a lady too.

She knows better where shoe pitches! Yes, jogging exercises which mean for body fitness could cause distractions especially that moment when they begin to shake those “properties of theirs”.

However, it might not be true, for the word “majority”. I disagree a bit with you Sinzu because not all women will have such mindset of snatching someone’s husbands. A number of ladies go jog for fitness which has got nothing to do with other ladies’ husbands.

So, if you want to go by Sinzu’s point of view, you can rightly start morning jogging or evening jogging if you are looking for an husband. But, don’t ever snatch husband.

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