Motorola quiz: Test your Motorola knowledge!

It’s Friday again, and this time you might be feeling sleepy after waiting the whole night for the sun to rise but it is quiz time nonetheless! Our past visual cue quizzes turn out very popular, and there are a couple of “guess the phone” questions in today’s quiz as well but it’s time for some trivia!Oh, yeah (I know, right) but before you run back to your pillow, today we’re doing Motorola – one of the biggest, most innovative, and loved US companies of all time. We basically owe Motorola our present mobile phone reality, as it was the first company that envisioned such a world.

Motorola was huge, and still is, even though it survived a couple of metamorphoses, including several changes of ownership, a split, and a brand name change. Nevertheless, Motorola’s legacy lives on to this day – the new foldable RAZR is a living proof.

Today’s quiz consists of 20 questions, some of them are history-based, some are just pictures, and there is also some nedry-nerdy stuff in there, as well. This one was harder to put together, simply because Motorola has done so much over the years, and invented a lot of things but here we are!

Motorola was founded by two brothers back in 1928 under a different name. What was it?

What was Motorola’s first commercial product?

Motorola really took off by switching its business to one key product. What was it?

What does the name Motorola mean?

Motorola practically invented the mobile phone. What was the name of the first model?

Which model is Motorola’s best-selling phone to date?

Motorola also made the first flip phone ever. Guess the model!

Guess the Motorola phone in the picture!

In 1995 Motorola introduced world’s first two-way pager. What was its name?

Back in 2005 Motorola launched a phone in collaboration with Apple. What was its name?

Guess the Motorola phone in the picture!

In 1969 Motorola achieved another huge milestone. What was it?

Guess the Motorola phone in the picture!

In 2008 Motorola launched a phone in collaboration with Kodak. What was its name?

Guess the Motorola phone in the picture!

In 2012 Motorola Mobility merged with another tech company. Which one?

Guess the Motorola phone in the picture!

What company currently owns Motorola?

In 2016 Motorola launched one of the first commercial line of modular phones. What was its name?

Motorola brought back the iconic RAZR brand with a foldable model. When was it launched?


You’re not into Motorola phones and Motorola history for that matter. Don’t fret! We hope you’ve learned some interesting facts about this innovative company after all.


That’s not bad! You’ve guessed some devices, got some history facts right. Keep up the good work!

Moto-rolling in style!

Hello Moto! You’re a Motorola nerd, and that’s a great thing – now get that original RAZR out of your personal display case and take it for a spin!

We wish you luck (there’s no timer, as we’re doing this for fun). Share your result in the comment section below, along with your recommendations, ideas, thoughts, everything! And if you’re feeling quizzy this Friday, there are a couple more to try out down below (if you haven’t done so already).

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