Mtn #100 For 150mb Cheat, feb 2017

I know this is not new to some people but i just wish to share it with those that might have forgotten and those that dont know about it before.
The data is only build to work on mtn projectfame website, but with the trick am going to share with you below, you will be able to use the data on all website and with all applications.


* 100naira mtn card
* 3g or 4g network
* Psiphon App(latest version is advisable * v108 and above).

How To Get The Data

* Goto your sms and send PF to 303
Note: You Must Have Upto 100naira on your mtn sim for the sms to go,they will deduct your 100naira and you will receive 150mb as you can see beneath;


The validation period is one week.

How To Let The Data Work For All Apps And Sites

Open Your Psiphon Handler And Configure it as seen below;

You can check your remaining data by sending Bal to 303
Keep flexing and dont forget to drop your comments.

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