Mtn Cheat, How To Start Getting 10mb Daily On Your MtnSim

Mtn is doing great this days as they offer yet another data bonus for all their subscribers. This data is just 10mb though but at least half bread is better than non. Perhaps this 10mb is not just what you will get once and you will forget about it. Yes, the most interesting part of this data is that you will be getting it regularly. Did you just hear regularly? Yes regularly, because MTN will be crediting your data account with 10mb everyday.

How To Start Getting 10mb everyday From Mtn

Are you part of the people that receive a message from mtn about MYMTNAPP? either you receive it or not, don’t worry because i will be enlightening you about this message and what it meant.
What is mymtnapp
It is an app designed by mtn for their subscribers in order for them to manage their sim cards. So as to be able to manage their services, starting from what they have subscribed for willingly or unknowing, down to how they will be able to opt out of what they don’t like. Now the question is

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How To Get The MyMTNAPP And The Daily 10mb
1) kindly visit or better still goto your message and Sms “MYMTN to 5018” and immediately you send the message, you will receive an sms back containing a link to download the app
2) Login the app with your details and you are done. You will now start receiving 10mb daily.
Check the message sent to me below.

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