MTN Finally Reveals Why Its Data Get Exhausted Quickly

Mtn has now reveal the reason why data subscription of its subscribers got exhausted easily after revealing that they lost 667,245 subscribers in August alone, reaction trailing the news has prompted MTN to reveal why its data exhaust on time.

MTN Nigeria being the largest telecommunications company in the country, as at July 2019 had 52.2 million internet subscribers but lost 667,245 internet subscribers in August while other telcos like Airtel and Visa gained more subscribers.

The attention of MTN NG was caught by the news on social media and the reaction of subscribers as seen below;

Your Data Get Exhausted on mtn

MTN disclosed that an upgrade in its internet speed was the cause for the quick exhaustion of data. Meaning that the faster your internet network is, the faster your data gets depleted.

Few years down the line 1.5GB data used to last 20 – 25 days without downloads, just normal surfing. But not anymore; the data table has changed, it has been manipulated. 1GB data is just like 100MB right now. Open a page, cross check your mail and reply your WhatsApp messages, the next text message you get is “you’ve exhausted your monthly data plan”.

This is sad because even NCC is not doing anything about data depletion. We understand the place of applications automatically updating themselves on mobile but data table has been tampered with. If you want to know the real data, subscribe to weekend plans and see for yourself how data should run.

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