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Happy weekend and hope you are enjoying your weekend? Oh let’s get back to business. I will be introducing to you another recent data plan on mtn, it is YouTube data plan which mtn just introduced and added to there data plan list.
MTN, one of the best network providers in Nigeria, has successfully launched and revealed YouTube video packs also known as hourly plans for their users to blaze heavily.
In my own view, the main reason why MTN unveiled the YouTube video packs is to minimize and reduce users data usage on YouTube . The user had to subscribe YouTube packs to enjoy more of it.
However, MTN silently launched the offer and at the time of this post, they have not advertise it on any of their official handles but when reviewing their data, you will see the video pack plans.
These plans was launched just after 9mobile released their hourly Smartpak (2-hour video streaming pak) that can be used on VPN(AnonyTun vpn to be precise) to browse all sites. but for now, the MTN paks can’t be used on any VPN. Meaning there is no cheat for this data plan yet.

MTN hourly plans (YouTube video paks) Activation Codes And Price

To access the menu, kindly dial *131*8# and you would see the hourly plans list. See screenshot below.;

1. N150 for 1 hour = 750MB – You will be able to browse YouTube website, download videos, and of course, stream for complete 1 hour. This can be activated by dialling *131*8*1# and enjoy.

2. N400 for 3 hour = 2.5GB – It’s same as that of the N150 but has more data than that one. It can be used to download, stream and browse YouTube site for complete 3 hour. This can be activated by dialling *131*8*2# and enjoy.

Note: To check your account balance kindly dial *559*18# and enjoy. And remember that the data plans are not unlimited but capped.

Your thought about this. Kindly Drop your comments.


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