Mtn Just Increased Daily Data Plans, See New Data Values Below.

Hey guys, Am happy to tell you that MTN has now increased their data plans. MTN has now offers 50MB for ₦100 and 150MB for ₦200 (both valid for 24 hours) which were before now 30MB and 100MB respectively. Then the re-introduction of 150MB for ₦300, valid for 7 days has being updated as well. See the difference between the old and the new data plans below;

1. 30mb For 100naira (for 24hours)
2. 100mb for 200naira (for 24hours).

1. #100 for 50mb (valid for 24hours)
2. #200 for 150mb (valid for 24hours).

Can you now clearly see that mtn are now improving interm of data plans. And they have now also introduced to us a new weekly(7days) data plan which will let us to subscribe to 150mb worth of data at the rate of #300 only.
Looking forward to seeing them increasing other monthly plans data also.

What do you think about this? Drop your reviews below.

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