MTN Latest Free 100MB For All MTN Subscribers Valid For 7days

MTN has now started surprising their subscribers as they are now gifting free 100MB data to browse all sites and apps.

Well, this isn’t working for all Mtn users though, but if you’re lucky you will receive your own free 100MB from Mtn. See instructions on how to get free 100MB data from Mtn below;

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How To Get Free Mtn 100MB Data
1. Open your message app.
2. Sms SURPRISE to 131
3. If you’re lucky you’ll receive a message in this format;

You’ve been rewarded with 100MB for 1week.

4. But if you’re not, you’ll receive an error message from MTN.

No sin in trying, pick up your phone now and try yours and see if you’ll be given or not.

Don’t forget to Drop your comments below and let’s know if it works for you. and help share this post as well.

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