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Must Read: See What This Popular African Pastor Declared That Will Happen With In 3 Days

Rev Ejike declaration Within 3days

This pastor name is Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, and he is a shining example of a true man of God whose prophecies and declarations has been established and alot of his followers are attesting to the blessings they received from God (with an open heart).

Truly, we serve a God who sees in secret and rewards those who diligently seeks him and obeys His words, so also are the sons of God who declares His words to those who believes in it.

Since he made that shocking revelation as regard the return of a new governor in Bayelsa State he is now a respected man of God and has been accepted by everyone with that strong belief that he is truly sent from God.

Currently, his prophecy as regard the Imo state government’s take-over by the APC governorship candidate from the PDP ruling government two weeks ago not forgetting the Bayelsa governorship candidate who miraculously was elected due to a forged result by Mr. Lyon’s running mate.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka has reminded his followers that there are still 39 of his prophecies that will come to pass in 2020 and many are awaiting to see what these prophecies will be like. On his Facebook page he has been declaring and prophesying blessings to all those who follow him and has made a decree for this week starting today.

Reacting to his prayers his followers have been claiming it into their lives and yours truly is not exempted from it. See their reactions below…

Why not type Amen, write out what you want God to do for you within these 3 days of prophetic declaration. Your prayers will be answered!


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