My Boyfriend Is So Wealthy and Caring But His D*ck Is Too Small and Stomach Is Too Big, It Suffocates Me Anytime We Are Making Love

A beautiful lady has gone online seeking help on what she should do with the problem she’s currently facing in her relationship. Below is what the lady posted;

So there’s this guy/man I’m dating. We started dating this year feburary. He’s 35 years old and he will be 36 in July. He’s single and wants to marry me. he’s very wealthy, he has a kind heart, he takes care of me and very understanding.

But there’s a problemhe has a very big stomach and he doesn’t get an erection.. he loves s*x so much but whenever we want to have s*x, l have to carry his stomach up and start searching for his d*ck because it’s very small, then I have to start sucking it for it to stand because it doesn’t stand on it’s own.

We’ve tried different things but still it doesn’t stand I’m tired. I’ve broken up with him two times now but he still comes back crying and begging he has bought so many p*nis enhancement and all that but still even when we are having s*x, his stomach keeps pushing me and suffocating me. He’s a good man and gives me everything I want.

He even started a business for me in March with 500,000 naira and still sends me 50k monthly and other allowances..but this is the problem. what should I do, l can’t keep carrying
stomach up and searching for pr*ck all the time.

Below are the screenshots of her post;

What do you have to say about this? Kindly drop your comments below by advising her on what she should do to the problem she’s facing.

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