My Boyfriend’s Mother Offer Me 5 Million and Told Me to Leave Her Son Alone

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This is an issue of a lady who messaged us and seek our help about the problem she’s currently facing with her boyfriend’s mother. Below is what she told us and she needs your advice on this;

Hello, I am Janet. I am in a serious dilemma at the moment, my relationship is at the edge of breaking. I have been with my boyfriend for about a year now and we are truly in love with each other. We have gotten to the point that we are now discussing marriage.

My boyfriend took me to meet his mother and she was so happy to see me. In my boyfriends presence she gave her blessing to our relationship. After I had left she asked that I come and see her. When i got there what she said was so surprising, she said I should leave her son and she offered to give me money worth 5 million Naira. She said she has better plans for her son.

Now I am totally confused, I don’t Know where to start from. I haven’t even told my boyfriend what she told me. Since the mother don’t want me to marry her son I am starting to think i should just collect the money, but I really love my boyfriend. Please advice me what should I do?

Regards, Janet.

please what do you think this confused girl should do? Drop your comments below and advice her. It will go a long way for her.

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