My Brother In Abroad Sent Me the Key to His Room and This Is What I Saw In the Room

Hello everyone, my name is Joshua and I’m from Kwara State in Nigeria. I want to share a story to you about what recently happened after I lost my brother who stays in London(abroad). I will try as much as possible to make everything simple and short for your to understand. Please help me to share this with your loved ones and also don’t forget to please help me with your opinion in the comment box below. Your comments are very important to my present situation.

I’m a guy of age 24 and I stay here with my parents in Kwara State, though we are a native of Oyo State. That’s just a little background that you might want to know about me. Now here’s what happened.

Just last month, I lost my brother to Covid-19 pandemic in London and before he died we talked through video call and he said he was going to send me something very important to my life, and I should make sure I get the message as soon as he sends it.

I asked him what the thing was he said I will get to know immediately I get what he sent. And before he ended the call, he told me he wasn’t sure he was going to come out alive of the Covid-19 but he prays he does. And that was the last time I heard from him before he gave up the ghost.

So just yesterday, I heard a knock on my door and I want straight ahead to check who the person was. As I opened the door, it was a delivery man who came to drop the message that my Brother has sent for me. I was very anxious to get to know what was inside it cause he sent just a small box. So I slammed the door and went straight to my room.

When I opened the box, I saw a little piece of letter that was addressed to me. The letter reads;

“Dear Joshua my beloved brother, how have you been? Sorry I couldn’t get to reach out to you myself, how’s the family? Hope you’re fine? This letter in writing to you is to tell you a little secret that I have been hiding from everyone of you.

Anytime I visited Nigeria, I have a house that I built for myself which is located at No 32, Crescent Street, GRA, Ilorin. Due to the uncertainty of me getting well, I have a room in that house that I do save some little money, and I have sent the key to the house as well. Please make sure you use this money to take good care of yourself, yours sincerely, Brother.”

I busted into cry when I finished reading this, so my brother could keep things from me since all these while.

So the following morning I went straight to the address of the house that he wrote in the letter. It was a four bedroom flat and I have successfully checked every where but couldn’t find where he kept the money and he didn’t state that in the letter too. So I was furious and while I was about leaving the compound I saw a little apartment at the backyard.

When I got inside the room I saw a lot of money and that was not even all, cause it was a two bedroom, and as soon as I entered the second room too, I saw another pack of dollars. I screamed.

Wow, finally my life is going to be better for good. All thanks to my brother for sending me the key to the house. Thank God he didn’t die without telling me this secret.

My questions are:

Should I tell my parents about this? Should I keep it a secret too? Or should I use this money to invest in what I don’t even know yet?

What’s your suggestion for me? Please I will be waiting for your upmost response in the comment section below. Thank you all for patiently reading.

What do you think about this? Kindly drop your comments.

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