My Brother In Abroad Sent Me the Key to His Room and This Is What I Saw In the Room

Hello everyone, my name is Joshua and I’m from Kwara State in Nigeria. I want to share a story to you about what recently happened after I lost my brother who stays in London(abroad). I will try as much as possible to make everything simple and short for your to understand. Please help me to share this with your loved ones and also don’t forget to please help me with your opinion in the comment box below. Your comments are very important to my present situation.

I’m a guy of age 24 and I stay here with my parents in Kwara State, though we are a native of Oyo State. That’s just a little background that you might want to know about me. Now here’s what happened.

Just last month, I lost my brother to Covid-19 pandemic in London and before he died we talked through video call and he said he was going to send me something very important to my life, and I should make sure I get the message as soon as he sends it.

I asked him what the thing was he said I will get to know immediately I get what he sent. And before he ended the call, he told me he wasn’t sure he was going to come out alive of the Covid-19 but he prays he does. And that was the last time I heard from him before he gave up the ghost.

So just yesterday, I heard a knock on my door and I want straight ahead to check who the person was. As I opened the door, it was a delivery man who came to drop the message that my Brother has sent for me. I was very anxious to get to know what was inside it cause he sent just a small box. So I slammed the door and went straight to my room.

When I opened the box, I saw a little piece of letter that was addressed to me. The letter reads;

“Dear Joshua my beloved brother, how have you been? Sorry I couldn’t get to reach out to you myself, how’s the family? Hope you’re fine? This letter in writing to you is to tell you a little secret that I have been hiding from everyone of you.

Anytime I visited Nigeria, I have a house that I built for myself which is located at No 32, Crescent Street, GRA, Ilorin. Due to the uncertainty of me getting well, I have a room in that house that I do save some little money, and I have sent the key to the house as well. Please make sure you use this money to take good care of yourself, yours sincerely, Brother.”

I busted into cry when I finished reading this, so my brother could keep things from me since all these while.

So the following morning I went straight to the address of the house that he wrote in the letter. It was a four bedroom flat and I have successfully checked every where but couldn’t find where he kept the money and he didn’t state that in the letter too. So I was furious and while I was about leaving the compound I saw a little apartment at the backyard.

When I got inside the room I saw a lot of money and that was not even all, cause it was a two bedroom, and as soon as I entered the second room too, I saw another pack of dollars. I screamed.

Wow, finally my life is going to be better for good. All thanks to my brother for sending me the key to the house. Thank God he didn’t die without telling me this secret.

My questions are:

Should I tell my parents about this? Should I keep it a secret too? Or should I use this money to invest in what I don’t even know yet?

What’s your suggestion for me? Please I will be waiting for your upmost response in the comment section below. Thank you all for patiently reading.

What do you think about this? Kindly drop your comments.

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  1. My Brother In Abroad Sent Me the Key to His Room and This Is What I Saw In the Room - Latest Mp3 Songs, Videos, Albums For Free

    […] I’m a guy of age 24 and I stay here with my parents in Kwara State, though we are a native of Oyo State. That’s just a little background that you might want to know about me. Now here’s what happened. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING […]

    • Please don’t tell anyone because the world is no more like before but makes sure that you take care of yourself and the family maybe you are not the only brother and he chooses u
      My brother sometimes it can lead you to another trouble that this so called family for U

      • Hello Richard. Your story is pathetic and at the same time a miracle. My advice on this is that you secure advise on what investment you can use the money for. Secondly you inform your parents on this, advising them to be confidential about what you have to disclose to them, as it’s expedient they know about the wealth of their late son. then before assisting your parents with some or the business or investment you want to use the money for, ensure you put God first, by giving your tithe so as to proper the work of your hands and help you take the right decision. Wishing you all the best Richard.

        • Have you tell your family too

          • Tell your family that’s a lot of money you won’t loose anything
            by giving them something after all he was there son. Sorry he is no more but he was not a good son he should have told you to share the money with your family so don’t be like him am sure he expects you to be sensible

        • Akora Norbert Noris
          Akora Norbert Noris

          Please follow your brother’s instructions in the letter that the house & cash is for you and family’s upkeep. Parents’ upkeep as a heir to the late brother’s fortunes remain mandatory but you should never tell anyone about the source of the cash to avoid internal and external wrangles. Ensure you also invest for continuing sustainability. Thank me later.

          • David Olagbenro
            David Olagbenro

            Richard, my advice is this;
            Put your parents on annuity pension that guarantee them life pension on monthly basis, just few millions will give like 200k/ month till death.
            Get life cover for for every family member, you can then seek for viable investment but whatever may happen to the investment the family is secured.
            My professional advice. Thanks

      • If your parents are alive, I will advise you inform them so that your case will not be like that of your senior brother. You then go and learn a trade and invest the money

      • Andrew is my name, my take on that is that you use the money wisely to invest and support the family members to boost themt
        Andrew is my name, my take on that is that you use the money wisely to invest and support the family members to boost themt

        Andrew is my name, my take on that is that you use the money wisely to invest and support the family members to boost them economically.

      • Richard I am in support of what Zenab said, Let your parents know about it.
        Richard I am in support of what Zenab said, Let your parents know about it.

        Just let your parents know about it. May God be your strength.

    • Do not inform anybody because it was not written in the letter to inform anybody, use it for yourself

      • Hello how is boy to u I mean is it the same father same mother
        If that should be the case tell ur mother first

      • Even though your brother systematically gave the secret of his hidden wealth to you, maybe because of trust he has for you, he again mention the family, meaning he has them in mind, meaning you will use the money wisely for them to also benefit from it, so be wise and cautious, because one day the secret will come out and you be found wanting if you misapplied and misused the money, thank you.

    • Tell your parents the whole story and there is where you are going to get the directives on what to do because if you decide to do without their knowledge then they will raise questions to you on where you got all that money

    • Guy,u shouldn't have come this far to blow this info up on social media,it's very dangerous.its a lesson to other people for security reasons.
      Guy,u shouldn't have come this far to blow this info up on social media,it's very dangerous.its a lesson to other people for security reasons.

      You shouldn’t have posted this on social media cus it’s very dangerous for security reasons.

  2. Please let your family know that secret your brother spirit is still there and watching you

  3. Tell your family don’t be selfish everyone needs to know l think they would ne very happy

    • Please don’t tell anyone because the world is no more like before but makes sure that you take care of yourself and the family maybe you are not the only brother and he chooses u
      My brother sometimes it can lead you to another trouble that this so called family for U

      • Jer. 9 vs 4-5. Micah 7: vs 5&6. Not tithes but invest the money wisely and take care of yourself and the family. Move to the house but not with women. I agree with the life assurance for your parents

  4. Pleas e my dear Brother, allowed your parents to know about that money because they will give you good advice how to use that Money and even Mike your Brother soul happy in heaven.

    • Please is not every parent who have good ❤️
      He’s matured enough to take care of that situation if he wants to leave long

  5. Please advise your parents, and get advise on how to invest the money. Mind you its not only the money, but the house as well. In the meantime together with your parents should go to UK and know where your brother was saying and establish exacly what killed him and where his remains are intered. Do your last respects as a family. Collect his belongings and ger back home.

  6. Share t to vulnerable nd include me

    • The story seems so unreal but assumimg it is true,the first thing to do is to notify your family.If your brother also had his own immediate family then they should also be brought into the picture.Even though your brother told you about this money,it is important to share it with others so as to have rest of mind.

  7. You take part of the money and invest it in what you think is gonna help you lives better life and give some to your parents but before giving the explaine to them where the money is coming from.

  8. Your late brother handed HIS wealth to you in TRUST. Don’t let him or yourself down! It’s not as if he hated his parents and wanted only you whom he loved to enjoy the wealth. No. Rather, he has appointed you as Manager over his estate so that you’d manage it IN THE INTEREST OF THE FAMILY. So, save the money in an account accessible to only you. Then tell your parents the whole truth (otherwise you’d ruin the whole family which is built upon mutual trust ). Then, in a family meeting, presided over by you, jointly decide how to use the money for the general good. Remember, you must have the final say after everyone has had his/her say, because the wealth was entrusted to you. It follows therefore that you must seek God’s help before any move (Tithe with only your share or with the general consent)

  9. Let your parents know about the money and try to bring his remind home, I think that’s why he had to send to you the key and location

  10. It will be good idea, if you involve your parents. Your brother is equally their child.

  11. Please my brother tell your parents about everything don’t hide anything from them they will not collect it from you and make sure you take good care of them from the money

  12. I suggest you tell your parents because if your brother had not told you the secret, you couldn’t have known, so tell your parents and make your brother happy.
    Remain blessed.

  13. If u know dat ur parents aren’t xtians DNT let dem know until u consult a true man of God who would bless d money then share d money according ly to eradicate poverty from ur family.but day man of God u invited must be given his ten percent.

  14. Labongo Labongo Okakoo
    Labongo Labongo Okakoo

    Please declare to your family and go to court get a letter of administration use your intelligent for the next cause of action

  15. What do you want to know again about letting your family to know of this issue after it is on network, so my advice to you is if you are not prayerful enough then you should or if you are for native tradition you try hard for your good thank you

  16. Abdullah Bereola Owolabi
    Abdullah Bereola Owolabi

    Wise people say concience is an open wound only truth can heal it. Please let your mother and father know first then any action they ask you to take please take it. After all they are your brother,s parents. So jointly with them decide what to do with the money. Abdullah Bereola Owolabi

  17. Dear Mr Joshua,

    My candid advice to you, in respect to this matter, is that you should make your parents know about it. Our parents are always wiser than we are, though we might be more intelligent than they’re. So, they will deploy their wisdom on how your late brother’s wealth be used the overall benefit of the family.

  18. It’s good u let parents know truth about everything.Den about de business u want to wt de money.U may even ask ur der suggestion on business.If u are Christian or Muslim,u can go to any good pastor, prophet or Imam 4 direction on business,tnk.Apst.Paul

  19. Don’t tell them, because it was a secret so keep it, your brother to send you those keys he was trusting you, and even he knew that you will keep it as secret also az he kept it, so bro keep that secret, your parents was there my, do you think why didn’t he send that key to them

  20. Help your Family with the money 💰

  21. Brother disclose to your family and help some needy people. I’m on 0777150105. 0759905058 in Kampala Uganda

  22. U felt disappointed that ur brother hid the secret from u, now u want to hid it from ur parents. Guy better make Shure ur family knows about what ur brother put in ur care. This bless on must reach every members of ur family.. but yet as the man in charge, u’ve got to have the big shear.

  23. your brother is still alife, he wants to know if you are trustful.tell your parents about it.

  24. Share that message with your parents..Incase of anything they’re the ones to help

  25. Ther’s time 4 evrythn. For now, u don’t have to tell anyone abt it. Invest d money wisely and mk sure u take good care of it parents and other siblings. If u’re to travel abroad 4ur brother’s corpse, do so. But if he’s bn buried according to UK covid-19 protocols, then dt settles it. After many yrs, u can then tell ur parents d source of ur wealth.

  26. Tell your parents. Save your family from poverty. Don’t be secretive like your brother. I thank God Almighty that he exposed all the goodies to you at the end. Guy, use the money wisely on good business and investment. Poverty will be eradicated forever.

  27. My candid opinion is that you first take legal possession of the transfered wealth. There after, bring it to the knowledge of your parents and siblings. Please keep all the title documents including the letter your brother wrote to you very very safe. Ensure you establish a very good business that can keep food on the family table for a durable time. Finally, please use the wealth to better your life, your siblings life, and your parents life. Be very very prayerful. God bless you.

  28. Are you sure your brother is dead, make sure you tell parents and spend the money reasonably for the whole family.

  29. My opinion is better you tell ur parents but before that make sure it’s save or better tell them he sent you money, because if they see the how hug the money is they may faint may not control themselves

  30. Indeed broo plz keep the secret as ur broo kept n concert a man ov God first before u use the money plz mi dia don’t ever leave urs parents aside by taking good care ov dem do what ever they need with time u go tell them de secret or not but all in vein they are now ur responsibility

  31. Yes, you should tell your parents about the money and the house too because the money is for your up keep as a family

  32. I will tell U to support your family when ever they need help,but don’t tell them that this is what your brother has given to U because In the letter your brother indicated that use the money to take good care of yourself well.

  33. Kofoworade Adewale Dare
    Kofoworade Adewale Dare

    Please, think deeply about whom to tell amongst your parents, not the lousy one anyway. You must have a witness! Then establishing good business should be planned with the parent who is most experience and intelligence. Your brother has a plan to take care of the family, so it’s now on you: your responsibility.

  34. Benedict chidiebere
    Benedict chidiebere

    Bro did you know your brother well’ the answers is NO. now as it’s you didn’t know why he decided not let anyone of you to have the idea but later because One thing or the other you get to know first NOW my advice to you i don’t know your religion tell everyone in your family the story first then try to find out what your brother is into the business he do and order wise’ before taking decision over what ever, and you pray prayers visit ophanage home before anyone of you will have take on anything. May JEHOVAH GOD be with you and your family

  35. You just said the letter state tht u look after your parents and invest so wat are u asking now…l sense a greedy selfish spirit here and l believe this is why it was kept a secret to u bfr now the test is here do as told of face the wrath of God in the near future

  36. Sorry l just re read this article he ddnt say look after parents just yoself …..thats odd the money is not clean you the nxt victim of his cult me myself and l seek Divine direction

    • If accually ur brother hide it from u, U too can as well hide it to ur parents, but use it wisely & make sure u take proper care of them.

  37. If accually ur brother hide it from u, U too can as well hide it to ur parents, but use it wisely & make sure u take proper care of them.

  38. Be wise and allow you to be directed by the Holy Ghost don’t be a rough boy. Remember to take maximum care of your parents . Look around for a very good businesses. Avoid having friends that will bring you down.May his soul RIP

  39. Don’t tell anyone about it but just make sure you take good care of the entire family and pay your normal deu to your creator.Notice!!! it was not writing to tell anyone even your Father

  40. Mind you, what if your other siblings and your parents are reading this your message aswell? If not, is your parents and your other siblings in good term with your late brother? If yes, meaning you are just a manager to his wealth and you are to take care of every member of the family as an administrator. Are your parents ok financially? Remember the bible quote that you should obey your father & mother. Pray for Gods direction, because the money is not your sweat before you squander it.

  41. Thank God that he has blessed you..but firstly,I think you don’t have to disclose the address of the said house on social media for security purpose…meanwhile you have yo tell your parent about this and be sure you invest the money wisely and move on with Life…May your brother soul rest in perfect peace

  42. Pls, call this number for proper counseling, prayers advice. The word of says”trust in the Lord and lean not on your understanding”proverbs 3:5. 08137419190 Apostle Jonah from Ogun State.Thanks

    • Mr E.M from Zambia,my Brother beta inform yo relatives abt de all issue.its not dat wen u tell them u gonna lose dat money no,jst tell dem & give dem some & de rest invest.

  43. Please bro follow the instructions of your brother otherwise you may not succeed because his ghost will chest you from the house one day. Secondly call for a big prayers and you didn’t tell us whether your brother had a kids or a woman otherwise do the needful l wish you the best.

  44. Invest the money wisely, don't tell anyone Now. When the investment as grow very well. You can then tell those that matters.And make sure you take care of the rest members of the family too
    Invest the money wisely, don't tell anyone Now. When the investment as grow very well. You can then tell those that matters.And make sure you take care of the rest members of the family too

    Invest the money wisely, don’t tell anyone Now, when the investment has grown, then tell those that matters. And also, take care of the rest members of the family

  45. Invest the money wisely take proper care of yourself and your parents a bird at hand is worth two in the bush.NEVER, NEVER travel abroad to look for trouble and I mean TROUBLE

  46. Tell your parents and it should be confidential then relocate them for a while then come redefined that’s what your brother would have done but it’s up to you he believes you can take charge

  47. This must be a fiction. You have already told the whole world and now you are asking for advice and some people are telling you not to inform anybody. Please, don’t waste my time and data.

  48. Bro, if your brother wanted your parents to know about it, the letter would have stated so. Nevertheless, you can invest in a fixed deposit account and your proceeds, you can give your parents some of the proceeds. You can keep it a secret till you have made it in life yourself so that you won’t be questioned on source of wealth. But make sure your parents benefit from the money your brother has given you.

  49. Hie my dea brother my advice is that to you just tell yr parents the whole story as it is,then take a breath as u have some cash with u before u enter into any business.There afternoon everything will follow us give everything to his glory Jesus christ 🙏

  50. Please my dear brother let your parents to know about the money and seek their advice

  51. Pls just send me 300k I need to pay my house rent. Should I send my account number?

  52. Pls keep everything to urself. No love of the family. God remembered u try and invest . Don’t tell even friends. Ur brother know the type of family he has and keep it a secret so keep a secret too to be safe

  53. Josh u have to calm down and be very careful over this if u know mum and dad can’t keep it to themselves then try to pray for directions and have a good map over it before telling them but to me I will prefer starting up something with it in my life because he saw them before calling you

  54. My brother keep your secret think over the whole issue and framer
    If your Father is old enough speak with him as Ina joke and parable to know his mind if you find it suitable
    Then open up with him as in secret to
    gain his fatherly advice blessing

  55. Inform your parents…and sent me some cash too…be blessed

  56. Hello bro, first think why did he not send that letter to ur parents be extra careful with that money any mistake the blame will on ur side, secondly if you see that u don’t have any investment where you can invite that money en u succeed it’s better to inform your parents also l wish you success in your whatever your doing

  57. Hello bros follow the instructions of your brother that’s my advice to you good bye

  58. Please let your family be aware and if he has wife and children let them know to and consult, make findings before using the money to help anymore including yourself.

  59. Sorry for the lose of your brother. Thank God he left money behind for you to move on well with your life. You made a mistake by seeking advice online I say this bcos of the evil time we live in now in Nigeria. You even gave the address of the house you went. Pls make sure nothing remains in that house. Infact sell the house and relocate with your family. Tell your parents that your brother owned a secret house but don’t tell them about the money. Keep it safe in a bank for the next three to four months while thinking of which business to start and don’t be in a hurry. Avoid bad friends that will help waste the money and marry a wife if you don’t have bcos it will make you responsible enough early. Finally always thank God and keep a humble life style and you will live long to establish this wealth. May God help you. I am happy for you.

  60. Hello my am ojoro isaac from Uganda 🇺🇬 for your brother loves you so much, my advice is your let parents to know about it, because it will help to achieve your goals thanks

  61. My dear, your story is very torching one and a miracle too, well to My opinion, I think you should let your parents know about that, at least know their late son your brother mean well for the family and also help you with their advice to put up something positive instead talking to someone that is not part of you, I mean your parents, let them know.

  62. My Brother those are blessings from God but the thing is please just tell your parents of what happened don’t keep that secret bcoz that will be your otherside of your life . May Jehovah be with you after doing what is right

  63. Talk the matter with a genuine man of God.Before this consider praying and fasting about it so that God gives direction it’s a mixed blessing to be handled with care.Do it in stages you may also need legal advice still from a reliable person.Dont rush the process it would be safe if the disclosure to your family is done in presence of a legal advice.That money is enormous and is likely to attract dispute be careful and wise.

  64. Your late brother specifically told you in his letter to you ‘ Make sure you use this money to take good care of yourself ‘ Therefore you don’t need to tell ANYBODY. Do as he has instructed you because in death he has seen EVERYTHING no one has ever seen.

  65. Thanks bro for the message u av shared with us, I see at that asaa chance to u coz he meant it for u n even he mentioned it clearly that it will be to change ur lyf n therefore all that belongs to you and since u also av ur parents, u have to declear it to them and you ask for more advice also from them otherwise use that to develop ur future j
    and av a good tym

  66. One pray to God first, two he remained with his secret, and in his last time he revealed and am sure he was the richest brother, me am saying keep it a secret and use it responsibly by up bringing the family to wealth like what he was doing. Even Jesus used rescue people and Calls for secrets. Your

  67. My advice is don’t tell them but just do the investment and open them a buissnes iNigeria so that they take good care of their life

  68. Man, you are just fake,it’s a kid of 5 years who needs an advice in such a situation not you an adult.

  69. My guy u should have told your parents first before sharing to the social media & be wise enough in terms of all ur plans & implementation.thanks.

  70. Simon peter Bongomin
    Simon peter Bongomin

    Am Simon from northern Uganda Gulu city. Your brother’s sweat in Europe turns to be your blessings back home here and your living family members as well, No matter how he made it God gave him the strength and courage but surely he was only a tool in Devin perspective . Rem John the Baptist he only prepared the way for the Christ but never lived to see the ministry. In short fix the monies in the bank for while close to six months or more pray over what you want to invest on, Am sure the holy spirit will precisely give you what exactly to invest in in dreams. Ok?. Don’t emmitate others your destiny is calculated and you are the only saviour in your now.

  71. Inform your family maybe your brother Case may not be yours
    Inform your family maybe your brother Case may not be yours

    Just be careful

  72. If you are not a thief and you don’t want your brother spirit to hurt you tell your parents, the money is not yours it’s kept with you because of safety

  73. Pls open up to your family cos the secret must leak one day and with that you are covered.

  74. Pray and ask God if you know God

  75. Let your parents know about it. And try and give God His by paying your tith. May God be your strength

  76. Aaaa tell them

  77. Invest the money quietly as your brother was doing things secretly.emulate him in that manner else you will regret it.

  78. Don’t tell any body cos he saw the family but he chose you. Invest in yourself in terms of education and knowledge, business etc and be better off. But make sure you support your family whole heartedly. If they ask why, a little gist is ok. Be smart😎?

  79. Proverbs 3:5 trust in the Lord with all ur heart.let your parents know what is going on do not hide from from them . thanks.

  80. Emenalom Chidiebere
    Emenalom Chidiebere

    You know your parents and siblings (if you have any alive) more than us. If you telling them about the money will arouse misunderstanding, quarrels and fightsee in your family, don’t reveal it to them. Invest in yourself, your education, your future and also your family. But if revealing the news won’t cause any fracas in the family, you can reveal it to your parents

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