My Husband Doesn’t Know That I Always Share Him With My Twin Sister – Lady Reveals

A woman confessed how she made her twin sister “marry” her fiance on the day of their marriage, and they are still doing it now!

After growing up, my best friend is my sister. From playing the same toys to reading the same books and eating the same food, we did all the work together. We even have the same friends at school. To some people, this may be strange, but this is because Mayn is my twin sister… and they say that twins have a common hobby.

Apart from Mayn, I never felt that I needed anyone else. She is not only my sister and best friend, but also my confidante, I can believe all my secrets. Even if we went to a different university, our contact was not interrupted. At that time we may have developed some different friends and priorities, but we still talked about and shared everything from new interests to school gossip and the cute boys we like. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Soon after both of us graduated from the university and found a job, Mayn moved out after finding a job at the other end of Singapore. My parents and I stayed at home but kept in touch with Mayn. She would visit us during weekends and we would have lunch together to catch up.

It was during this time that I met and fell in love with Edmund, a charming immigrant from London. I met him during one of my work trips. Edmund and I got along so well from the start that we started dating a few weeks later. Three months after establishing a relationship with us, he proposed to me!

Maybe we met Edmund during a family lunch when she went back to visit her family. I talked to Edmund about my twin sister, but it was still fun to meet another woman who looked like me.

And all of us are unhappy with Edmund because he cannot separate us. He even walked into the kitchen and put his hands on Mayn’s back, only to find out that it was not me!

But Mayn can accept and joke, maybe Edmund should marry us both? We laughed, but at that time I didn’t expect things to really happen.

Because later, during my weekly phone conversation with Mayn, she admitted to me that she liked Edmund, not just as a brother-in-law. She said that besides that, she has more feelings. She revealed that she was passionate about him.

Hearing May, I expected to be vexed and stunned. yet I was most certainly not. By one way or another I knew Mayn would adore Edmund as I did, in light of the fact that we regularly had similar interests previously. Likewise, May and I had never stayed quiet between us, so I was not astounded that she was so straight to the point with me.

I chose to do the unfathomable, I recommended to Mayn that she could some of the time date Edmund in my place – without his insight. He was unable to disclose to us separated at any rate.

Furthermore, at our wedding supper, when I went out to change into my subsequent outfit, it was Mayn who returned in the dress, while I remained out of sight claiming to be her. We had an enormous wedding and numerous individuals at the tables had not seen Mayn and I for a long time, since we were youngsters, so we had the option to pull off it. We never mentioned to anyone what we did. I simply needed Mayn to encounter the most significant day in my life similarly I did, and I was so cheerful when I saw that she was in tears of delight when Edmund kissed her.

From that point on, Mayn and I have ocassionally “shared” Edmund. Some of the time, she will eat with him after work, rather than me. Or on the other hand they will go out on the town to shop, and she professes to be me. May and I have guaranteed each other to never uncover this to anybody around us.

Some of the time I feel terrible about keeping Edmund in obscurity, however the act has continued for such a long time, so how would we let him know? Maybe one day we may need to uncover what we have done. I love Edmund, however I love Mayn considerably more. Furthermore, for the present, I simply need her to be upbeat.

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  1. I wish I could get twins and marry as well and be free from jealousy.
    Because as twins they will see all their children being one and not rivals.

    • What if Edmund is actually the smarter one here playing on your intelligence?
      What if Edmund is actually the smarter one here playing on your intelligence?

      What if Edmund is actually the smarter one here, playing on your intelligence?

  2. You guys should make it open its not bad

  3. You guys should open on to him
    He may accept both of you,I will just accept it as his fate

  4. Well, in as much as both of you will not develop hatred in future then you guys should go on but make sure you guys make open to Edmund so that he will know exactly what is on board.

    • Polygamy is allowed,so Why not tell him??
      Because one he will be expecting a baby from anyone of you, the earlier you inform him that,the better for both of you
      But in another vein,since you don’t want to hurts your sister Feeling,then leave Edmund for her and go for your new man ,after all he doesn’t know

      But if you can’t make it, then unveil the mystery to your husband,let him Accept it in good fate

      • It’s already open dearies, so long you brought it to the media, forgerit it will get to him sooner or later even without you saying nada

  5. It’s very healthy

    • It is not really right to even hatched such an act and continue till now. If your story is true, better choose to end it now and get on with your husband, while your twin sister wait for a suitor to come her way. Situation changes with time. You never can tell what negative thing that could happen if Edmond finds out.

  6. Have you not revealed yoursey by this online post?story looks fake.🤔🤔

  7. Beateutiful story love it

  8. I don’t think is right

  9. Modern world.. Oya continue 👈

  10. Its not right. No matter what you share as twin sisters you cannot share a hubby. Open up to Edmund and believe God for a suitor for your twins sister.

  11. It Will be really nice if you guys can let him know, but I still think this is not right

  12. The story look funny. Meanwhile, open up to Edmund, he may decide to marry both of you.

  13. The guy know that he is having the two of you. To him,this is double blessings.

  14. I guess Edmund is not smart enough. There’s no way there won’t be lapses in the conversation. Or maybe he’s even smarter than you both, haven known what is going on but pretending not so and enjoying both of you. Who wouldn’t like that, anyway? 😄😄

  15. Please, one of you should come let’s get marry dis December, and mean it and am serious about it.

  16. The guy knows that he is enjoying the two of you.simple He is smarter than you 😀😀

  17. To me I think it’s no longer secret hence you have chosen to post this online. The story to me sounds fake

  18. Supposing both of you took in for him, what will you tell your children.

  19. What makes you guz thought he’s not aware of your prank movee ?
    Listen! Remember you said edmond is an immigrant from London?
    Which means migration is his call.

  20. The guy is aware but choose to play along and enjoy both Sis.

  21. Do you want to marry a biological prostitute ?
    Do you want to marry a biological prostitute ?

    The guy is aware of all your intricacies and mischievous acts of adultery and stop deceiving yourselves that you’re smart ! He’s just pretending and watching you display your folly. No matter how identical, men have the ability to detect such foul play via our body chemistry except we decide to keep quiet just as he did. But that’s not the best…,Little wonder then, the killing of twins by Africans those days !

  22. This is an abomination. Repent and God will forgive all of you.

  23. Please you guys are having fun with innocent man, but that is not the will of God to your lives.repent and confront your secret sins, so that God will have mercy

  24. one, Edward or Edmond is not an observer, secondly don’t he has a pet name for her lady,I swear , he’s not the only one who has engaged himself into twin relationship,guy I go catch up,no be smart guy,u no say oyibo too mumu,there sense be like fowl brain

  25. Mills and Boon story this one. This story was probably written by a guy who fantasizes about having twins as spouses. Some of the stories we read here are contenders for publishing under the Pacesetters African Writers’ series! Not bad fiction tbh

  26. Religiously a man should not have sex with sisters born of the same parents. This act should be stopped immediately. It is against God.

  27. Amazing…!
    Edmund is a lucky guy

  28. What ever you think you are doing it is evil in the eyes of every creature and it is also sin before God, don’t decieve yourself please,Stop it,it has a negative consequence

  29. It s like a fake story….. How can a guy fail to detect even the breathing of some one or the inner blessing,,, joining their last conversation!!!!! To me sounds fake..


    Enjoy your time with br wen it turns sower come to me, I’ll accommodate you!

  31. He knows but will keep pretending

  32. He knows but will keep pretending

  33. This is a sin repent and let him choose one of you

  34. You don’t want anybody to know,
    How you are noe posting it online?

  35. I’ve long for twins in my life and came across two but none of them married me. It’s his luck confess to him and live happily. God bless your love

  36. That’s lovely, but my question is that are you guys agreed to marriy one husband?,if yes then let him know about it or let one of you leave him alone please

  37. Story looks fake.
    She has certainly expose herself

  38. He knows, he’s just enjoying the game as I would my self

  39. Keep languishing on them, I wish it was not forbidden to marry ttwo twins of the same mother. I would have done that for long.

  40. This is an act if irresponsibility, lack of fear of your creator and abuse of moral dignity. You have succeeded in putting Edmund’s emotions on the line expectially when he get to know all this games. Just reverse the case and admit how you ll feel….

  41. It’s better to end it before he wakes up

  42. Am ready if u are ready hope u are beautiful and u love God den we are gud

  43. So if you want to let out this secret how did we know

    Well kudos to the story writer

  44. It not good enough,religiously

  45. It normal

  46. Hw I wish am in Edmund position

  47. Story for the Gods …and beside what is the meaning of mayne?

  48. No need for you to open up pregnancy will show him the real wife
    At this point the first pregnancy woman 👩 is the wife

  49. The matter we still dey solve here. 🤔
    Everybody abeg keep calm and let dumebi continu her story for the matter. 🙏

  50. You are the architect of your problem by allowing your twin sister to continue to o date your fiance. Please note one fact that, the love between you and your sister is different from the love between you and your fiance. Love is so powerful. With the issue on ground, it can either make or mar the relationship between you and your sister and even your fiance. Please stop all the secret thing you and sister are doing. Uncover the truth and let your sister seek the face of God for good husband. I assure you that there will be peace and joy at the end of the tunnel. Remain bless.

  51. Like ome of the comment statef, what is the joy you are deriving? Lets be candid, you believe there is God or what is the basis of your believe? You are neen wicked for sharing in this evil. Turnaround and seek godly counsel

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