My Husband Gave Me a Condition Before He Can Sleep With Me, This Is What He Said

My name is Mabel, based in Abuja with my husband. I have been married to my husband for three years without any problem. But now his attitude and affection for me has changed totally.

Before we got married, I used to be light skinned. That was my God given complexion. My husband and I first met at a shopping mall. When we started dating, he told me he loves very fair ladies. When I asked him why he was trying to date me despite the fact am not that fair, he said it’s because of my character. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

He said he loves the way I conduct my self, my mannerism and knack for business. I was flattered of cause but wanted to be sure he was okay with a woman of my skin color. He assured me he loves me despite my color, saying it didn’t matter to him anymore.

Despite the fact that he had always dreamed of getting married to a fair lady since he started becoming conscious of women, he said he wanted to marry me. I accepted but still had my doubts because of the way he eyes fair ladies whenever one passes by.

After our marriage, i was no longer comfortable with my complexion. Not that personally I wanted to become fairer, but my husband wanted that. He didn’t ask me to bleach, but the way he stared at fair ladies made me decide to do something about it.

That was how I started bleaching, using lightening lotions and soaps. It went well at first. I became very fair and my husband loved it. But things took a wrong turn.

I started developing body odor. Now the odor is seriously getting out of hand. My husband doesn’t share a room anymore with me talk more of taking me to bed. He said he won’t touch me again till I get rid of the odor.

Please it’s urgent and I need help. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Mthokozisi Bruce khumalo
    Mthokozisi Bruce khumalo

    So update your status meet his demand .if yu married is not enough creat more beauty like others who are outside .

    • Continue bleaching your self one the odour will stop
      Continue bleaching your self one the odour will stop

      Continue bleaching your self and your husband one day the body odour will stop

  2. Its sad that your going through this….but maybe he loves you like the way he suggests….and him being into fair ladies was a red flag for you but you shrugged it away.If you realise your changing to please someone that isnt right your supposed to feel appreciated and contented with who you are and what you are …..about the adour you should definately do sth abt it…its a turn off girl

  3. Consult your doctor medical advice.


    See that is no issues,I will help you,live and direct,chart me on WhatsApp,08029419579,I have treat 2 issues like this ok

  5. Give him time and be the first person to get into the bed.

  6. So sad. And very wrong to accept another man child. It shows that woman is not for you.if a woman can do that to her future husband. She can kill such a man.if you love your life stay clear from that woman. Thanks that is my own pice of advice

  7. Salami Lasisi Adebayo
    Salami Lasisi Adebayo

    You need to stop using those cosmetics to terminate your body odour. Of the cause is not cosmetics then you need spiritual solution. You can WhatsApp me 07059440980 for further advice. Good luck.

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