My Husband Had No Problem With My Small B00bs Until Recently, I Want to Do This In Other to Satisfy Him

A married woman is totally confused and needs advice on what she should do for her to safe her marriage. According to the woman she wrote;

Good day sir. Please help me post and hide my identity. I need group advice. I am a first-time poster. God blessed me with a nice husband. A very loving, caring and responsible man. He also blessed us with children.

My problem is that my husband was initially making love with me without minding my tiny boobs but now, he feels so bad about it. The breast is too tiny to the extent that it doesn’t come out in all my clothes. If he touches my chest in the night he can hardly locate it. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

This thing makes him feel so bad even down there. The er*ction becomes weak whenever he touches my breast. He told me to enlarge it but I am scared of breast cancer. Please advise me if there is any natural and effective method of enlarging boobs (breast). I feel so bad and inferior about it.

Note: We were living together in the North before but the crises there made me relocate with the children in the South leaving him behind due to the nature of his work.

He used the opportunity to cheat and could hardly visit home. We have settled the case of cheating which he said is due to the far distance relationship and he apologized promising not to do it again.

I have forgiven him and I hope to go back there when I complete my studies next year by God’s grace. The crises there is not much now. Please I need suggestions for bigger boobs, what do I do about it?

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