My Husband Is Not Making Love With Me Anymore Because He Saw My Leaked Video With My Ex Boyfriend

A young lady who just got married revealed that just after two months of their wedding someone sent Leaked videos of her to her husband.

According to her, when her husband saw the videos he was very embarrassed so he called her and showed her the videos, she said she told him the videos was from her childhood boyfriend who recorded them but know they are not together anymore. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

She said that since then her husband is not paying attention to her anymore and he always come home late from work and he dont make love with her I don’t know why my husband is doing that.

Some marriages are collapsing because both the couples don’t understand each other others too are don’t trust each other but there is a lot of problems in marriage so if something happens you must find a way to cop with it.

Now she needs help. should she leave or still stay with a husband who doesn’t make love her and always return home late from work. She beged her huband for forgiveness but he is still not doing anything to show her he has forgiven her.

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