My Husband Just Credited My Account With 5 Million Thinking It Was His Concubine

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Amara is asking for your help on what to do as regards the alert she received from her husband pertaining a huge amount of money sent her.

She claims the money was supposed to allegedly be for her husband’s mistress.

Her dilemma is that the husband never gives her money for the upkeep of his children but spends money anyhow on women outside.

Here is her story below;

Hello, may God richly bless you for creating a platform whereby people can express their matrimonial worries.

My husband just credited my account hours ago with the sum of 5 million naira. From the message attached with the deposit, it shows it was meant for his mistress and not me. The message showed from your baby Emma.

When I saw the alert I knew it was his mistress because I never asked him for a penny in the first instance.

Now his calling me with over 20 missed calls and I have refused to pick. I am thinking of running to Ghana with my son and begin life with the 5 million.

He has sent me a text message saying the money was meant for his business partner who was travelling to China.

Least I forget, my husband abandoned me and his son for over two years now. He has even stopped paying for our rent.

Please, I am thinking of starting a business with this money. My mother is from Ghana and I am considering going to meet her, I know my husband can’t find me up to Ghana. Please advise.

Thanks, Amara.

What do you have to say about this? Do you thinking running away with the money is the best option or she should return the money to her husband?

Kindly say your view by dropping your comments below.


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