My husband marries me despite having four childs for another man and we’re living happily today – Woman laments

Isn’t it amazing to be accepted the way you are? Well, this man Aggrey accepted to marry his wife Dinah despite the woman having four kids with another man.

Immediately he took Dinah home, his family disowned him together with his wife and children. They refused to accept the move their son had made to marry a woman who had four kids already.

Dinah however, took to twitter to salute her husband. She posted pictures of her and her husband and added caption to it thanking him for being the incredible man in her life who never considered her state of affairs. She couldn’t thank him enough for sacrificing for her and her four kids.

Even though the hubby’s family was yet to approve their marriage, Dinah’s husband did not mind and went on to marry her despite having such differences with parents.

“He married me with four children crazy right? His family disowned him,11 years we are stronger than ever,” the grateful woman said.

“I found my love with so many wrongs, but something said he is the one. God gives the one who need fixing. I had many own scars. We needed each other. The perfect person exists not,” The woman added.

Defiant Aggrey now had to find means to persuade his parents to accept his condition since he had made it out of consciousness. He never wanted to let this woman go and neither did he want to remain in bad books with his family.

He started looking for advice from friends and colleagues with some telling him to do away with the exhausted woman while others encouraged him to remain with the woman no matter what.

Over the last three years he has been seeking ways of making his parents accept him with his wife.

So one day while attending some marriage workshops around their home, he met with a traditional doctor who had also attended the workshop.

He was doing an exhibition at the workshop. His stall No 02 was filled to the capacity with people of different domestic problems. Aggrey then took the contacts and walked away in silence.

It was interesting that a day later when he contacted the herbal doctor, he promised to fix his relationship challenges with the family.

The doctor, according to Aggrey account of events, asked him to collect something from him. When they met, the doctor handed him some small liquid which he told him to be washing his hands with for three days anytime he greeted parents.

The liquid worked wonders and parents started loving him together with his wife. In fact they, love the wife more than Aggrey himself.

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