My Husband Told Me He Is 38 Years Old But I Discovered He Is 50 After Two Years Of Marrying Him

I am a 31 years old lady, residing in Abuja, Nigeria. I got married last year. My husband and I met at a friend’s birthday party. The celebrant was my friend, and my husband had come there with his own friend, and that’s how we met. And from there our relationship began.

We talked about our personal lives during the period of our dating – we talked about our families, our jobs, our pasts, and almost everything. We talked about our age. He told me he was 38 years old. That wasn’t bad, since I was 31 years old, the seven years difference wasn’t bad after all.

Four months after that, he proposed to me. He wanted us to get married immediately, and we did it two months after the proposal. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

So last week, my husband fell ill, and I had to take him to the hospital. The doctor then said he has diabetes. I was confused, because we have been eating well and maintaining healthy lifestyle, so I didn’t understand how the diabetes came about. He was admitted in the hospital that day.

I was really disturbed that evening when I returned home, so I decided to go through his files to see if he had any health records that could justify the diabetes issue. While going going through the files, I discovered something very surprising. I discovered that my husband is actually 50 years old, and not the 38 years old he told me about. His real age was there on all his documents.

I was so confused and angry at the same time. So all this while we have nineteen years age difference, and he didn’t tell me. When he was discharged from the hospital two days ago, I confronted him with what I found out, and he started begging me.

He said that the reason he lied to me was that if he had told me his real age, I probably would not have accepted his marriage proposal. So he had to lie to me so that I could accept to marry him. I am so confused right now. I am finding it very difficult to forgive him, even though he’s been begging for my forgiveness since two days ago.

How could he say he loves me yet lied to me? Do people lie to people they love? It is the reason I’m sharing my story here so that you can advise me on what to do. Please what is the best thing for me to do now?

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  1. If you love him there is no reason. so this is normal

    • Abeg there is no issue here. Is he not taking care of you? Are you not proud of him? It was his own error to lie in the first place. Just move on with your life abeg.

      • Yes Abraham in the bible to safe his life so it a normal thing please do stay with your husband because good husband is not easy to find bye

    • Forgive him after all the marriage is blissful and the age isn’t affecting anything in the marriage

      • Is your husband taking care of you? If yes then no issues go ahead and enjoy your marriage

        • You have to forgive him. He did that for the sake of love and for the fear of not loosing you at that moment.

          • This discovery is too late for you now.please forgive him and be ready God more shocking news about your husband. Don’t be terrified but trust God to make the best of your husband. No-one is perfect. You’ve gone too far to go back. It is for better for worse till death. Brace up

          • Exactly 💯 that was the reason he did dat if not ehhh he will have told her

      • Age is a number please forgive him and move on with your life. After all your husband loves you despite lying to you. God said forgive one another so that your heavenly father may forgive you your sins too!

        • See all the witches and wizard giving advise… The truth needs be told. Any relationship built on falsehood is not acceptable even before God. Age is never a barrier with true love. If he was her man, she would still accept him. The man is a greedy man and was only thinking about himself. He should have considered the lady as well cos she has a right to the decision taken. I can’t advice you to leave him now cos you are angry at the moment. Just take some days away from home to your parents place and cool yourself so your head can be clear to take the best decision but if you know you love him, then forgive him and make him tell you everything about him before any other bomb of a wife somewhere else.

      • Hi dear, to be honest, you are sounding like a lady that is not really ready for marriage, so do you want to choose lie against your husband? If you do it simple means that you never loved him, Nigeria is buult on lies , talkless of human beings, please forgive him for the sake of his reason and move on with him


      My sister, you can forgive him considering the love between you guys and his health.
      Thanks and remain blessed

    • Well, let me assume that your issue here is that he didn’t tell you the truth about his age which isn’t good. But the difference in age is insignificant because, it doesn’t affect your attraction to him or his ability to do anything.

    • You should forgive him.

  2. You have seen him in person, love him as he is, don’t let the numbers rob you of your initial love for him.

    • Abeg there is no issue here. Is he not taking care of you? Are you not proud of him? It was his own error to lie in the first place. Just move on with your life abeg.

    • Age is just a number woman, get over it and do something better for him and live in peace and harmony.
      But if you don’t won’t it that way, good for you. But be rest assured that he you leave him today ayoung girl than you are us army corner waiting patiently to marry him

      • My dear you have to bear with him, cos he love you to me if I was him I will be scared to tell you my real age, me why I will be hoping once u know the truth of my age u will accept my proposal,


          Please forgive him and remain in your marriage. God bless your marriage 💑

    • Dakoru Zephaniah Ibama
      Dakoru Zephaniah Ibama

      1. Advise
      Just go ahead with your husband there is nothing rough with the he really loves you and he don’t want to lose you so far as he is a good husband to you and also take care of u just leave the age and move. After all your mate are outside there looking for 50 and above to be call my husband
      2. Advise
      Dont leave your marrege because of anybody advise because you have a story to right in your marrege life that one day you will tell your children and advise other

      Like me I’m married for 18yrs now those not mean I’m happy through out that means I have a story to tell

    • Age is number….. unless you have something else you didn’t disclose here.
      Enjoy your home!

  3. The issue is that, I see you as someone who despirately went into that marriage. At age 31, you are already over rped for marriage, so you could not tell of the age of your man.

    Women will know a man at 40s and man in their 50s no matter how the man may look.

    You will have to forgive him and stay in that marriage despirately. Atleast, he has been begging you for the past 2 days.

    • Hi Isaac, I agreed with you on the aspect of rushing into marrying him bcuz of her age, but as for her to have known his really age by main looking at him, for that I disagree with you, bcuz der are some men at 50, 55 or 60, u will think dey are between the ages of 35 to 45, not knowing he had entered menopause already, tnks.

  4. Forgive him and move on with your love. May be you will still be single now if he has told you the truth and because of that you have rejected his offer.
    Please take it easy if there is love number of years doesn’t matter.

    • Age is numbers. If he is discharging his role as a husband, you have no case, except if you have something sinister about the marriage and u want quit

  5. My dear sister. So sorry for you to discovered the truth after your marriage.I and my wife experience the same age gap difference. Though I told her before we married. Our marriage is heaven on earth. Please forgive and forget, pray for long life and divine health for you people both. Age is just a number.

    • My dear, quite sure He lied to you to win your love. There are situations that mislead humans to tell lies about his person, but the bad side is to completely deny about his real age, despite the wife had acknowledged his mistake. Since has accepted, begged and has shown remorse. You are living in peace, taking good of his wife, kindly forgive him and pray 🙏 God to bless your marriage, then continue with life. I have such an experience in 1996, and but God blessed us with four kids,two boys and two girls,they are all healthy and alive, fully grown up and happily married. Kindly find a place in heart to still love him. Remember in the Bible, the case of Isaac and Rebecca. Thanks and God bless your marriage.

  6. Sistero forgive him coz age is a number but is uncountable.

  7. Take it as your destiny. Love knows no age difference. Love is the most important in marriage. Do not look back. Now that he has confessed please forgive him. I believe he loves you. Love and Care and Conscience are the three pillars of marriage. Please regard you and your man as ONE. God will bless your marriage with Promising offsprings. God is in control. Your home is the most important not Age Difference which is just a number or mere figure.. I have over 40 years as a married man. I think I can advise you. Thanks. Aderemi ADETUNJI FCA

  8. Sister

    forgive him coz age is a number but love is


    • Please, I’m very happy you are still complaining from your marital home. This shows that you are a good lady.
      Age can be deceitful. Do you realize that you loved him so much when he lied being 38 years? Do you have to change your mind just now because of numbers? Please let no one deceive you because I know you women. And be careful, Another woman of 28 years will tell you that the age difference could create a future problem. But the moment you are parking out, she will be parking in.
      I advise you to forgive your husband and move on. I know that he will never lie again to you.

  9. U have to thanks God bcs 38 will look for 18 to 25, please grap the man that love u.

  10. Age is not an illness or something bad. Forgive him and continue enjoying your marriage with him. He was afraid to lose you that is why he lied, I’m not saying he did well. Age is just a number. Love is what matters.

  11. Just to remind you that some have even lied of their possessions, their homes, Bank account etc.. The best after all is a healthy relationship full of respect and understanding.

  12. A lie is a lie. How do you deal with a lie should now be the question! Do you choose to forgive or punish the offender? Is this the first lie you are discovering? Is he actually remorseful or just pretending? Do you fervently love him in spite of this age disparity between you two? Is the medical condition the sort you can handle and manage or nurse with him? Did this condition affects his conjugal obligation to you? Are you braced up other new discoveries?

  13. Well my friend, you already in devoice is not an option, so accept his apologies and move on as in love. Is only unfortunate that men always win, if it was a woman that told such lie , I wondered if forgiveness and acceptance will be the advice to the man. Injustice against women most times.

  14. I presume that, the man will be stinkingly rich in the first place that is why you fell in love.You don’t need to be panic about his age because our destiny’s is in God’s hand.Pray for him, forgive and don’t use that to destroy your home.

  15. Age is just a number. In the two years you have been together, how did he present to you? As 50 year old man or someone close to your age. Is it the age that you don’t like, because you think now he is too old for you. Marriage is between two people. You shouldn’t even have come out.

  16. Please my own personal advice is dat u should forgive ND forget
    His age shouldn’t be a barrier in ur marriage right now.
    Beside age is just a number
    So u better move on with ur life and forget about the age….. period
    God knows d best and I believe that he has given u d best

  17. You can also note that his long stay was to find a beautiful and faithful, you were really the woman of his heart. You will be dignified at the end of the day.

  18. Pls tell me if u could tell the truth to armed robbers when they come to your house looking for your father to kill and u know where he is but lied so he won’t be killed. U did this to save your Dad’s life Right . If a man was able to do the same thing then it means really loves u. Don’t look at the act but the brain behind it. In the bible when soldiers were looking for the two Isrealites who went to spire in another country a woman liesd that she has not seen them and end up saving their lifes at the end God spared her life because she has a positive mind set. So pls never make a big mistake to neglect him when he needs u most. God strengthens u in Jesus’ name.

  19. Are you ashamed to be with him because of the age?
    If no, please there is no issue. Go on and enjoy your marriage while it lasts

    • Do you expect anyone to tell you to leave him, look my dear age is just a number what matters is love,if he loves you and you love him too then you should forget about everything that happened and continue your relationship,

  20. How is lying to your spouse about your real age normal? There’s nothing normal as I can see it and should not be encouraged.if it comes to making decision on a life time partner.

  21. Marriage is about knowing each other in and out which I’m sure you ve done…two years is a long what’s there remaining for you..age is just a number.ACCEPT HIM AS YOURS FOREVER..

  22. You are not patient enough four months is too small to date man you live the rest of your life with till death do part. Moreover age has nothing to do with love and you didn’t tell us wether you pray for prayer to hear wether it is the will of God for you to get marry him or not there more to this yong lady. You need to continue to pray for mercy and grace. That is your carry it the Lord will continue to help you remember no divorce after marriage says the Lord in the bible

  23. That’s what God had destined, this is your husband, if wasn’t yr husband, no matter how both of u determined to get married it will not be. But you women tend to deceive yourselves with age, see how good looking you are with peace of mind without trouble, instead of you thank your Creator for the good thing he had destined for u, you are trying to be an ingrate by bringing your marital issue on social media, still thank God that most of the people talked well except two who were trying to blame u indirectly. Hold fast to your man and for long life and don’t be discouraged or changed in attitude towards him. If you contrary to all these advices no doubt regret awaits your negative action, I wish u more happy married life.

  24. He loves u that is y he did everything possible to have u

  25. If you really love him, forgive him, Age is just a number my sister

  26. Go and ask regina Is that man not doing active on duty days?better behave.
    Go and ask regina Is that man not doing active on duty days?better behave.

    Behave urself woman, is he not active on duty days? Go and ask regina Daniel.

  27. If your lover never lied to you he/she doesn’t love you because he/she wouldn’t want to loose you for the sake of love and he had told you the reason why he lied to you because he doesn’t want to loose you and if you love him forgive him and forget what has happened. May almighty God continue to uphold you and your household. There’s no Mr or Mrs perfect anywhere and marriage is an headache just carry your own and be treating it. If you leave him now and go marry another person did you know what you are going to meet there?

    • Ahhh my dear sister what is wrong with you? Do you marry love or age? That man you are complaining about is a very handsome man, he is 50 years and looking as if he is 40 years, people who are blessed by God always looks younger, I am 57 years old and my wife is 40 years with three children.truely you are blessed, give God the praise!!

  28. You can go and leave him for life but mind you many girls are waiting to take your position in that house, but that does not mean he has done well, forgive him if you can.

  29. Oyerinde Lekan Daniel
    Oyerinde Lekan Daniel

    For instance ,footballers, and some politicians,govt higher personnels even appointees it is hardly to declare their real ages are they not functioning and perform well , though it might be sin to you but just forget ages is just a numbers, unity and love of each other is an excellent progress in marriage sister take care have a wonderful time with your husband.

  30. Show Mercy now that it’s your turn and time to show Mercy. Leave this age matter. Forgive the offense. Free yourself completely, both body and soul. Focus on the future and think positively

  31. The way you sound,it is the man that love you and not you that love him,all you are trying to do is to sum up some advise here that will give you justification to do what you had already proposed in your heart to do all these years.i feel you are feed up with the relationship or maybe seeking notification.what is in age in marriage?????
    Two days after he was discharged you CONFRONTED,to trigger his condition or to remedy his situation?
    You know his age even by his peers or siblings or friend or his education or work years before mow

  32. We men are always fighters, especially when a man is determined to achieve a particular goal, will take all the risk that will lead to whatever his wishes through his lie he has gotten you as his one and only love.mission done. Forgive him for the risk he took by lying to u, After all that age difference is not too much. My father is 32.more than my mom and they have happily lived now 45.

  33. My dear you have to forgive him and forge ahead with him provided he loves and cares for you. You can manage him till the next 30 to 40 year if you keep him with his medication advise. Diabetes do come even at a much more lower ages these days. Your care will determine how long you will enjoy him if God gives him the grace to life. I think he love and wants you by all means hence the age reduction.


    Is there anything to discuss?I want to believe that he has done to a could you be making unnecessary noisy, noise.arent you happy for having a man called your you know what is happening from this part of Nigeria?most men,now.dont marry women.that doesn’t have millions found a common 50 years old boy(guy)& you’re you know, that it’s those poor girls.with ordinary cheap Android phones.that makes too much noise.the bigger girls.with iPhone 13 pro are too calm.if you don’t value what you have.some girls on transit will come snatch him away from you.a man that has been begging you to forgive him.just because he mistakingly lied to you& you’re here doing,I’m not in support of lies ooo.but value what you have.its not every woman(man)on earth.that’ll get married.youre truly lucky for having yours.out of the many evils(congratulations)&stay glued to what you have or else.your best friend, will snatch him away from are crude oil.i always stands to be corrected

  35. You better discard that negative step you intend to take. Many ladies lose my their marriages on trivial issues like this!
    Please be careful! Forgive him and continue to live happily together.
    The motive behind the lie is in order not to Lose You!
    Marriage is a relationship between 2 forgivers!
    If you leave him now, later you may have to leave your next husband for another offense!
    How many times are you going to remarry in life if you want to quit a whole marriage because of ordinary age lying by your man that you just discovered to be false age?

    • My sister,, I’m living withness it happening to me right now cos of my age,,, a girl that I open up to her about my real age turn me down COS of age differences,,,, my point is this ur man really love u, he definitely don’t want to lose you,,, just look at it in other way,,after he proposed to u,,,he ask u to get married immediately,,, he really love u sis….

  36. Sister,, no perfect person or perfect marriage on earth. i am not a saint but things works out for our own good.. laying to you to get married and telling you the truth to get to your age of monopours. Which one is the best ??..if he is not matreating you I no reason abandoning the marriage. Just make some corrections, forgive, forget and move on… every marriage has one problem or the other.

  37. My sister you better move on,don’t you realize you are not getting younger at 31 and the way I’m looking at you, you are older than 31years. So far the man is performing, socially, economically and at second room. Age is just a number and so far he has apologized, life goes on.

  38. On that Issue mummy I see there is nothing wrong.unless if he said I never married before then you discover that,he married and has children there it can be bad.but of age nothing to worry mummy.age is just a number.if he is providing everything at home stay with him.thank you.

  39. It simply means He looks young enough to have claimed 38. Sickness and death don’t usually come as a result of age but lifestyle. And age na number. If He had given you time and told you his real age, you would have still married him but you would have needed some time to grow used to seeing age as number. Tackle the diabetes and enjoy your home.

  40. Kindly forgive him, as it’s human to err but to forgive is Devine. Though lying is bad and a sin too. Leave that to God.

  41. You are the one that make mistake, because you failed to ask people from his village about just see him in the city and agree to marry him without enquiry.many ladies are looking for husband they did not see any, many are in into marriage without dowry yet they are there.relax with your husband and stop complaining.

  42. The best this to do is to forgive him and move on because age is just a number but when you see a 38 and fifty year old you are supposed to know naa

  43. Please madam can you tell us that since you got married to that man you have not lied to him before? Life is not complete you better Carry your cross. The man has said sorry please ma move forward or your best friend will take your place.

  44. Continue with your life and stick to him God will provide both of you with gods children.
    He did not want to loose you that is why he lied to you. Good luck

    • I don’t think this story is for real, someone must be joking… eighteen years difference nowadays is the minimum in marriage all over the world.In the real sense, you are too old for the man.If you are looking for excuses to leave the man,go for another,the excuse you choose was too cheap, ungrateful lady

  45. Sue him ,talk it over in court. Hire a lawyer let him also do same let the case begins

  46. It seems as if you are not even ready to settle down

  47. Age is just a number. So if u truly love him with all your heart, and if he cares for you, and gives u all u need, forgive him because he lied 2 u 2 win you.

  48. If you re saying the man lied bcos of age. Then, you woman are more dangerous. Imagine, a woman who has two kids outside wedding kept d secret from her husband for 13yrs, until d secret opened as a result of the death of the first boy whom she has been claiming to be her sister’s son. So, judge that. It’s a true life incident. The man didn’t do you any harm at all.

  49. Obi Johnson Arinze
    Obi Johnson Arinze

    He is wrong telling lies at his first approach to you, but to my understanding I think he is trying protect his interest as he said . So dear friend I don’t know you nor either your husband but out of experience cause am a victim but I don’t what to tell my story here cus I can handle it and that is while we are still together. So dear I want you to forget what so ever you discover about your husband because you might not found that best love you both are shelling as good family on another man heart so I will advise you to stay with your husband see his age to be 38 cus you feel in love with man of age 38, so accept him apology and ride on ok

  50. Companiship and love is one of the major reasons for marriage.please forgive him the sake of your future and vocation.our life and existence is a phenomenal mystery;too short and too …

  51. hmmmm….my dear,take it or leave it,age is just a number and if u love him then go ahead with d marriage cos at this point, divorce isn’t d option…granted he went to far by hiding his age,but did u ask why he had done that….the dude was scared to loose a pretty damsel like u if he had told u d truth, believe me he will kip looking young when u both must have finished giving birth to ur kids,d age Gap wouldn’t tell anymore…so far he’s financially stable and loves u wholeheartedly,pls forgive and remain his wife cos if u leave him eventually,there are ladies who are ready to throw themselves at him just to stay under a man…I have always craved for a man to settle down with yet I have none and u that God has given one is finding a way to leave him for his mistake…pls forgive and accept ur husband,God has a reason for Everything…what if u had ended up marrying a much younger guy,ask if u will get d kind of peace uve bin craving for…a word is indeed enough for the wise

  52. My dear, the man really needs you
    That’s why he lied to in the first place
    Just to be with you for the rest of his life, please forgive him and live up with the blessed family

  53. Every human being has the tendency to lie. If you have never lied in your entire life walk away from the marriage. Most of us have two dates of birth the Natural one and the official . Officially my wife is 6yrs older than I but naturally I am 11yrs older. Almost everyone is a victim of age Scam, just thank God that your husband has the look of a 38yrs Old boy . Use your head after all one former Lagos state Governor became 10yrs younger last year n the wife is still there. Go and ask France president the age difference between him and the wife

  54. There are lies dt are not tolerated in marriage. In this case this lie is deceit. This amount to impediment dt invalidate the marriage. Well for churches like Roman Catholic Church…the marriage can be annuled if u bring it up bc marriage had not existed bc of annuling trait of deceit. It can stand for a reason for divorce. But over and above all… every thing lies on ur decision after ur assessment of the man. If u love him and if he has truly manifested a husband material despite his age. U may go on with the marriage and be ready to manage the psychological impact. But if not quit. God bless

  55. She is Lucky he only lied about his age…Such a good man. She should just face the reality and move on with her good marriage. Congrats to her.

  56. To me, he did the right thing. This is because most of you ladies easily believe lies more than the truth. And what is the truth of this matter? The 19years age Gap is meaningless as far as there’s love; but he knew you may turn down his proposal because you’ll believe the original lies therein. So, what he told you is simply called ‘white lies’. Love between you two is the most important thing.

  57. My dear go ahead with your life…girls of 18years are marrying men of 65…I won’t say if you love him because you cherish him before accepting the marriage so continue in it and make it the best according to what you want your home to look like… forget age difference and build your home to that desired taste

  58. Oloko Rasheed Olawale
    Oloko Rasheed Olawale

    Pls continue with your marriage, good luck.

  59. Please ride on nothing wrong with that he loves you and he didn’t want to loose you that’s why he lie to you.

  60. Think twice before you leave your husband!! Because you’re were also aging to get married and he chose you which was great from many others. Otherwise at your age men would have rejected you.. since he gave a chance why do loose. Why do you take yourself to be so special or is their age bracket for ladies of 31yrs should marry men of certisn age?

  61. Please let forgeve And forget


    Young lady, have you lied in your life any day? If yes, forgive this young man. This man is young and needs some love and care more than what you are saying. Why are you bothered about the age? If it is about death, have you not seen younger people dying before older ones? Or is about other responsibilities, learn to pray and be accommodative in your life. That man loves you,see how you are shinning, don’t you know that some ladies may want this same husband of yours. They just want you out, you will see no vacancy again. Remain in your marriage and get a Godly counselor, always be with God. Reply me if you’re alright.

  63. He Martina Goodman
    He Martina Goodman

    He told you his reasons… you have to forgive and forget 🙏 and save your marriage.

  64. Please stay with your husband because if you go out people will begin fuck you
    Please stay with your husband because if you go out people will begin fuck you

    Please stay with him

  65. Forgive him no one is above mistake, love him d the more and let your love over shadow d pain and anger you have for him now, age is just a number, make him look like a 38 yrs old, enjoy your marriage and let God be your chief corner Stone. Let ur luv mk him look under 16


    That means the man is very young that u can’t predict his age.Thank God for his young face, and move on in ur marriage because age is just a number, Love is most important thing in life as much as possible that d man is taking good care of u and u av been living together before,u don’t av anything to do again,the only thing thing u can do is pls and pls taking good care of because this time his need someone that he love,if u leave him he will never forgive any woman apart from u because it will just believe dat all women are desame which is not so, if he tells u from d beginning about his age u can never married him,he really needs u so pls and pls don’t av any bad thinking about him am begging u my sister,God will be with u, av never married but i understand marriage so don’t let any 3rd party to enter ur marriage,ti Ogiri o ba lalu alangba kole wo Ogiri. Good luck sis.

  67. Are you marrying to the man’s AGE or to the Man?

  68. The best u can do for urself is to accept his apology ! People can lie to each other in order to save the relationship ! He didn’t want to hurt u by telling u this secret, but now that u have found it out, forgive him ! It will even make ur relationship with him stronger !

  69. Your reaction to his age is appalling, to say the least. This man had to lie to pull you out of your predicament if Snr. Babe. If not for that lie, you’d have remained in the street until you start begging some younger BoBo with money and fake promise for marriage. Your husband is a hero because others could not marry you. The weaveon, mascara and padded braziers you’re wearing, are they your natural settings? E don tey wet e dey hungry you to be lonely in a crowd. The gigolos and sugar daddies are waiting. They will teach you the final lesson before your suicide. Na social media first advise you to choose him? Leave there make my mother replace you.

  70. You have passed through a lot together so for a reason of a lie about age , thats not enough reason to leave your husband , forgiveness is the key , what more if he had done something bad like finding him in bed with another woman what would you do ? I think you would kill him . If God can forgive us for our every day mistakes what are we learning from him . Forgive and enjoy your marriage.

  71. Good day lovely people. To the person concerned, I think you should let go and continue as though nothing happened. Don’t let this spoil d beauty that exists in your relationship. Try to understand, why he did it and forgive him. Please. Of you keep holding this grudge, it then means you don’t love him anymore cos of the age gap. Use your discretion cos at the end of the day, you matter most.

    • Stay with him. If you really love home in the first place, focus on that love. Can this be worst than what Abraham did to Saray in Egypt. Denied her in an attempt to save his lfe. If you love stay. Age is a number. If he is fulfilling his obligations, please don’t go. God bless yo

  72. Your husband has done a wrong thing that cannot be excused. But I advise that you forgive him and have your peace. His former wife and children will probably also surface. Brace for that too. They should not be sufficient reason to leave him. If he wasn’t properly separated, advise him to go tidy up things.

  73. You are also old at 31 and you are very lucky to marry a good man. Abraham married Keturah at 99 years old after the death of Sarah and she gave birth to 7 children for him.

    Are you God to determine age and events of life? Yes, he lied to you because he knew girls like you will prefer to marry age to marrying a good husband.
    A good husband is far better than handsome tall devillish husband.
    Also you were desperate to marry. You didn’t do your homework well.
    Madam, you are married. Stop talking nonsense. Live with your husband. That is not enough reason to divorce him. If you leave him, a younger sweet girl will take him.
    Everybody in this thread can’t be wrong. We are all saying the same thing. Don’t leave him!

  74. When putting a ring on your finger both of you added a log of for better for worse look up honey this is the begining of the for better for worse he is your soulmate forgive him everyone on earth has their closet skeletons and marriage allows you help him grow flesh on them

  75. Please continue loving your husband age is just a number as long as he loves you sorry

    • At 31year of age b/4 getting married,you are not younger anymore.At that time you are able 2 determined who to married.All this complain is not the issue,in your own case age is not the issue,lying or no lying onless you just want to lose the marriage.Bcoz if Bianca think this way she wouldn’t married Ojukwu.

  76. The ball 🏀 is in your court, forgiveness is an indication of maturity; ripe enough to stay in marriage. Ups and downs in marriage, forgiveness is the one of the in
    The ball 🏀 is in your court, forgiveness is an indication of maturity; ripe enough to stay in marriage. Ups and downs in marriage, forgiveness is the one of the in

    instruments needed.

  77. Is there anything that the age is disturbing you? If not, you do not have any problem. Go on with your life, don’t allow that age of a thing ruins your marriage

  78. Mutatiina Samuel from Uganda
    Mutatiina Samuel from Uganda

    My sister for us in Uganda,I can’t marry girl of 31when am 50, instead your the one who is old so thank God because he is the one who is supposed to complain about your age

  79. Your dating was too short to realize some things which are still sensitive in marriage..but since you have realized this while in the marriage,there is no need of quiting the marriage but rather forgive your man and move on with your marriage..pray God to give you the heart to forgive.also consider,if you could be the liar, you could be begging him to forgive too..please forgive and love more..

  80. Isaiah Adeleye Olabisi Badiru
    Isaiah Adeleye Olabisi Badiru

    That’s your husband, forgive him and enjoy your marriage, remain blessed

  81. If You Love Your Husband As You Claim Then Forgive Him And Forget, You Will still Enjoy Your Marriage

  82. Marriage don start gbagam! Your discovery is your lapses. The age gap is not bad after all Abraham gave so much to Sarah and it was God that brought them together. He lied and has pleaded. He must be a fine guy for you not to suspect. Just ask if there’s any other thing he needs to let you know before nature exposes it like that of his age. Forgive and bond.

  83. Taa gbafuo, as if you never lied to him.

  84. My dear beautiful girl, if age difference is the only issue or complaint, I would advise you continue to love your husband. He loves you and is already remorseful. Forgive him. However, nothing prevents you from letting him know that he should always endeavour to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no matter the situation. Thank you for voicing out your personal experience in a brilliant manner. May God bless your marriage. Amen

  85. Dearie….. We all understand the pain.
    Maybe he was still looking for the best time to tell you this….
    Just be strong….

    To answer your question…
    …. Yes people do lie to their loved ones.
    Don’t just allow this error to tear u guys apart.

  86. Babe pls dis is not an issue, just forgive n move on after he had his reasons. Remember in d Bible where Abraham had to lie dat Sarah his wife was his sister. Biko!

  87. So young lady do you want to tell me that when you see thirty-eight years old man you won’t recognize him?


    Hello my sister, firstly thank God for giving you a man, that is millions system, accept that that is how God want it for u, don’t be annoyed with your husband pray for him for quick healing,

  89. Forgive and forget please don’t because of that do something bad the man love that is why

  90. Were 38years when you got married after 2years marriage which means u are now 40years him is 52 years now did you know that you are now getting old if leave him it there and then you get married it take time you to be married unless there same one discing you u can say iam stoping work u have not found other work don’t be by people it own life that is your husband just be with him

  91. My sister that is love Lies.
    The guy love you that why he did not reveal his age.
    As he said he does not want to loose you based on that he was sceptical about your reaction if he tells you his age
    To me he lied out of love he hard for you.
    Now look back and review your relationship with him since you married.
    The question is did he justify to be your husband? Does he beaten you or not take care of you?
    What of if you marry someone of your age and he becomes a thorn of flesh in your life.
    As Bible said in everything we should give thanks to the Lord.
    To me that is your husband you better hold him tight.
    Oko won lode o.

  92. Since he has told you the reason n asked for your forgiveness, pls accept it and move on together as if nothing happened! I am not saying he is a devil but the devil you know is worth millions outside.

  93. Please go and continue ur marriage u don’t have any excuse to dumped ur marriage no be ur mate dey marry 70yr confused generation

  94. Melvin Suntherland
    Melvin Suntherland

    Wait oo, so at Ur age U can’t tell a persons age bracket??? That u claim he laid? Well even at that 50, u as a woman if u don’t take care of urself well, u will look older than him. What am seeing is age makes no meaning in a Relationship.

  95. This is not the right time to apportion blames. Young Lady i want you to look at the marriage not the age, age is just, but a number though your husband wouldn’t have done that even he did he was supposed to let you know when you started communicating.

    Some people can be funny, but since he has been apologetic please forgive him and continue enjoying your home. 50 years to 31 is not bad at all and that could be an asset to you for marrying someone who can not maltreat you.

    At 50 please ask him well if you are really his wife or there are other wives somewhere ? This would help you to prepare your mind and face reality because I am of the opinion that you are not the only wife he has. Ask him questions now. If you are happy with what you get afterwards you can decide to stay or go, but candidly if he is good to you and you love him sincerely then stay.

    The piece of advice I gave you to press for more facts was just to let you form your proper opinion. This Man if he loves you for real, he is your man the only one you can be happy with. Try and clear your mind, marry him to enjoy marriage. You have waited carefully till you were 31 God will not make you to go back and live single. Those who chose the wrong partners are now single Mothers not because they want freedom, but because they were unlucky with Men same applies to Men too.

    May the Lord give you the wisdom to handle this matter well. Please do not rush to action because regret is animalistic. Thanks.

    King Rock Makinde
    Writing from London.

  96. Engr. Adeoye Beremoye
    Engr. Adeoye Beremoye

    Please do more investigation about other things, now that you know is real age, 50 years of age: ask him weather he has child or children elsewhere, 50 year of age: ask him about his health status if he denies having child or children elsewhere then what responsible for his childless ness before you met him . You may Forgive him but be wise

  97. Even when he lied to you, you believed him because he looked 38. I guess he has all it takes to be your husband. You are lucky he loves you to that extent of being scared you’d not accept his marriage proposal of you knew his real age. It’s difficult to find a guy who genuinely desire to marry a lady. Stay put in your lovely marriage. I know you are scared if there’s any other unknown lies which you are yet to find out.

  98. All you should be praying 🙏 for is the health of your husband forget about what happened.

  99. My explanation, people don’t lie to loved ones but if they truth might take the loved one away, the lie becomes forgivable bikos the crime was committed bikos of love. People don’t die by age dear sister, young people die everyday. If he is nice to you and respects you please forgive him and enjoy your life swt hrt.

  100. Don’t understand this woman self. You want to leave your husband because he lied to have you because he loved you. The lie that’s supposed to make you understand how your husband truly loves you and appreciate him for loving you. You are there seeking for an advice up and down. Which advice are you seeking for? To break your marriage or what. So you don’t know men lie sometimes to get women of their choice. You think it’s always easy to win a woman’s heart or you think it’s an easy job to get a woman marry a man. You are now complaining that he lied. If God gives you a male child that wants to get married to a beautiful woman like yourself, you don’t know you can help your son look for small lie just to get the lady marry him. I know it’s bad to lie but I will call such a lie WISDOM.

  101. How is the performance of your husband in bedu?.can age detamine Who to die first, is sickness made for old age,note it’s how you make your bed.if not you would have married at the age of 15yrs.after jumping from one party to another that you see your BONE. my done marriooo hold your husband firm.

  102. Sarch your self if since you got married to him or before you got married to him ,that you have never lied to him about any issue, weather small or big, the Bible say if God should mark iniquity who will stand. Can you stand if God should check your record over lie alone ,can you stand.

  103. Your husband is not man enough but he love you with passion forgive his coward attitude.

  104. Forgive him and forget the matter. Just as God forgave you your sins too.

  105. Most you seek for advice in social media before you forgive your hubby, have you not lied before, no human being is a saint but God shows us mercy, so go ahead and live a happy family.

  106. George Olanrewaju
    George Olanrewaju

    Hello brethren. Firstly thanks God for giving you a good man among in the millions of men’s in the world, that lies for you to married you and accept you as wife in his house. Please accept him and continue your life with him and accept him as your husband as you do before okay. God have hands in it that’s why the marriage walked for both of you. Don’t be annoyed with your husband pray for him for quick healing, may Almighty God bless you and your husband in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

  107. Exactly: if women that lie with such difference now:heaven starts falling: I don’t blame world against women even my God creator is likely man:that’s man’s world

  108. Frstly, I will say you’re such a careless person for not making the right enquiries about this guy before you jump into marriage, you are probably as desperate as he is because of the age issue. Most women at that your age are always eager to hear a marriage proposal from any guy they noticed few things they are interested in without asking the right questions. So on this basis I will blame you for not doing your home work properly.
    On the man I would say any relationship that the foundation is built on falsehood will definitely not stand, if he is able to lie with his age which is very likely that you could stumble upon someday, just as you did, he obviously has more serious issues he is keeping away from you.
    All these people telling you that he is your that and this will never be in your shoes to know where it pinches most when the time comes.
    My sister the truth sometimes is bitter but it is for own good to hear that bitter truth, you will never find happiness in that marriage because you will forever be skeptical about anything he tells you and the trust won’t be there. You can forgive he on this lie but you won’t forget. He has diabetes and you never knew until he fell sick? Your peace and happiness is what mattered most and this is the right time to make that decision only you can take without regret no matter the consequences in the future. If you have ever been around someone with health or physical liabilities, you will then understand what am talking about. A stitch in time saves nine, a word is enough for the wise. Better look for a black hen in the day than when it’s dark.
    Much as this story seem unrealistic to me, didn’t your people made enquiry before giving your hand in marriage or is it two of you that just decided to get married without your relatives? I just hope you have not entered one chance marriage with this guy.
    Humans at times can be very deceptive and you have to be vigilant that you are not one of their prey.

  109. Everybody is saying forget him and enjoy ur marriage, what of if reverse is the case, is the man ready to forgive? Because what Ever women does they see it as a very big offence, if men is normal, why lies as the first place, somebody u say u love? Tell her truth if she truly love u she will accept u for who u are, Forgiveness is the key let it go…….

  110. Pst Ambakederimor
    Pst Ambakederimor

    My sister, bringing your issues into social media to seek ideas to run ur home is very wrong, do you know why, before you agree to marry him how many social media ideas do you seek? Now that there is an issue at hand you are asking for social media collective mindset to manage ur issues, an adult behave like one. Come to think of it, is it the age ur challenge or the sickness that is on ground now? My sister at 50s dat man can confidently get you the number of children you want OK, for the sickness God is our healer OK if you believe God for everything do is for three morning and evening take a little salt put it in a glass cup and and water and blessed oil lit before breakfast before going to bed after three your faith shall heal him go and enjoy your marriage I see two children in your womb already remind bless father in ur mighty hand settle this marriage and heal the husband now and take the glory in Jesus name amen when God has as done it call 08052514716

  111. My dear forgive your husband and yourself for this small mistake. Never allow this devil of unforgiveness rob you of your home. Is it every of your past you told your husband before now? Is he not satisfying you all the way? Hold your man woman! If our Baba Atiku should propose to you now assuming still single will you turn him down? A word is enough.

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