My Husband Told Me He Was Going For a Burial, Only For Me to Discover That He Went to Do Wedding With Another Lady

My husband lied to me that he was going for a burial

I have been wondering what I did wrong. I have tried in every way I can to be a good wife and mother. I thought I had gotten a firm grip on my family, only for me to wake up one day and discover that I was wrong.

I have been married for 11 years. My husband used to work in a construction company, while I sell food at the roadside to support the family. He has been without a good job for five years, ever since he was retrenched from his place of work. So he did all sorts of menial jobs to support the family.

Though he has always complained that he is not happy with the fact that I no more taking care of myself and reserve no time to cater for my looks. But I always told him that the stress I go through every day weighs me down. The stress of cooking food everyday to sell is not something that one can describe. So I always expect him to understand things with me.

Six months ago we were overly excited when my husband got a call from one steel company. His friend recommended him there. And he was employed as their storekeeper.
His salary was impressive, and there was an improvement in the standard of living.

He began to complain excessively about me. He said I was too gaudy. That his level in life has improved so he wants a woman that he can proudly introduce to his friends. I told him to give me some time to adjust, because our years of privation had dealt a big blow to my sense of fashion and style. But he said I was flagrantly refusing to do what pleases him.

But three weeks ago, my husband told me he was traveling for his friend’s burial in the Eastern part of the country. So I believed him. Only for someone to call me the following evening to ask me what was going on, that my husband was getting married that evening. It sounded so ridiculous to me, so I put a call across to my husband. He answered and told me he was going to call me back later. He never called back that day or even the following day, and he never returned back to the house.

After three days I decided to call him back, only for him to tell me that he will see me soon and that I should be ready to accept whatever decision he has taken.

I really don’t understand what is going on. So he lied to me that he was going for a friend’s funeral only for him to go and get married to another woman without my knowledge?

I am really in a bad state of mind now. I really need advice on what to do. Please don’t hesitate to advise me, please.

What do you have to tell this lady? what exactly do you think she can do in this kind of situation?

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