My Husband’s Mother Hated Me So Much That She Even Brought a Woman to Our House For My Husband to Marry

Right from when I was introduced to her, my mother in law hated me for no apparent reason. She treated me so badly and told my hubby to look for another woman because I did not meet her standard for a good wife. My hubby however loved me and he defended me from his family and told them he would marry me whether they wanted it or not.

His mother did not even attend our wedding because of the hatred she had for me. She felt as if I was going to prevent his son from sending her money. Days after our wedding, she sent me a message and said that I should prepare for war because I had decided to take away her son from her. I could not understand why she disliked me like that.

My husband told me not to mind her because she would end up liking and accepting me. That never happened. In contrary, my hubby’s mother became worse. She came to our house and brought another lady and said she was the one she wanted my husband to marry. She threatened my hubby that if he failed to listen to her, she would go and kill herself.

My hubby was so confused that he asked me to leave our home for some few days so that he could solve the issue with his mother. By this time, three months had not yet elapsed since our marriage. I went home very heartbroken and my parents were also sad to see me suffering.

So, my mother told me to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would cast a spell that would make my in laws love me and accept me so that my marriage could be peaceful. I called the doctor on 0740637248 and ordered for the love spell for my in laws. He cast it and told me not to worry since in less than 24 hours, my problems would be solved.

True to his words, my mother in law called me and apologised to me a day later. She said she was sorry and that she would always treat me like her daughter. I was glad she did so and days later, she came together with my husband and took me to my matrimonial home and since then, she has been very sweet to me and I have Doctor Mugwenu to thank for that.

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