My Mother Is Telling Me to Leave Her House Because She Caught Me Sleeping With My Boyfriend In Our House

My Mother Caught Me Sleeping With My boyfriend now She Is Telling Me To Leave her house. What happened is that my mother is a very controversial person and she hates to see his or her son bringing a girl or a boy to her house.

So I always bring my boyfriend home in the evening when she is asleep, but unfortunately she caught me. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

I brought the boyfriend in the evening but because I was in the rush my boyfriend left his sandals infront of my gate, my mother saw it when she was sweeping the house at midnight, when she saw the sandals she quickly came and knocked at my door saying who is there with you I was very scared so I allowed my boyfriend to sleep under my bed but my mother searched everywhere and caught him under my bed.

Now my mother is saying I am not her daughter just because I brought my boyfriend home without telling her. Now she is asking me to leave her house and go and stay with my boyfriend because that is what I want.

But is it a sin to share a bed with your girlfriend or boyfriend in a relationship? I just want to know if my mother is right.

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