My Pastor Proposed to Me Three Months After My Husband’s Death

According to the message sent to a relationship expert known as Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah. This American returnee is confused over the proposal from her pastor. She claims early this year she relocated back to Nigeria with her husband from America.

The husband had a terminal ailment and he decided to spend his last days in Nigeria after living all these years in America. These is what the woman told the relationship expert;

Hello Osigwe how are you doing? Please publish so I can have good advice from your fans. My name is Jessica and I am 60 years of age, I just buried my husband 3 months ago and thinking of going back to America only for my pastor of 40 years to propose to me. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

When we relocated back to Nigeria my husband told me he needed to be more spiritual before his death. He wanted to attend a spirit-filled church. That was how we started a fast-growing church in our neighbourhood. My husband is a billionaire and died leaving more billions behind. The founder of the church took a special interest in our membership and very soon became a family friend.

My husband showered him with so many gifts and bought a 2015 Mercedes for him. He knew he was going to die so never cared the way he spends his money. And on the other hand the founder of the church Rev Chuks is a very nice dude. He comes to the house every day and prays for my husband.

Least I forget, me and my husband have two sons who are working in the United States Army. My husband was planning to build a new auditorium for Rev Chuks when he died. Now with loneliness on my part, I am considering relocating back to the States when Rev Chuks suddenly proposed to marry me.

Rev Chuks is cute and full of energy. He has promised to cherish me and adore me and to be frank, I am seeing reasons why I can marry him. But here in lies some issues. I am 60, he is 40, secondly my husband showered him with so much love why would he want to marry his wife?

Someone told me he might want to use me in completing his auditorium so I should stay off him. But truth be told my husband has been paralyzed for the past ten years and I have not seen any other man since then. Now money is not my issue as I can even afford to complete the church without a string attached and still go back to America.

But the question I want to ask is that Should I accept his proposal? I am bothered if he truly loves me or not.

Thanks, Jessica.

In my own point of view, Jessica needs to be careful as our pastors of these days can not be entirely trusted.

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  1. The guy might be a fraud.please be careful with him.

    • Bible say we should seek first the kingdom of God First and other shall be handed into you please Ma consult your maker through prayer and fasting also meet genuine Man of God to pray along with you to know whether you should go ahead or not but l will advise you for know distance yourself for know go back to where you come from meet your two hear from them but patience so you will not rush out Thanks.

      • I think that thus story may be a fiction. To take from the story, your Husband became paralized several years b4 his death at home in Nigeria.
        Secondly, you are already 60yrs old with 2 grown-up children from this marriage, and no extra marrital affairs while he was sick.
        Furthermore, your late husband was rich thereby leaving the riches for you and just 2 Kids. Therefore, my question is; What do you lack at 60 yrs apart from companionship & sex. But then how strong are you to withstand the libido of 40yr old boy?.
        conclusively, i advise you to return to USA, enter into contract marriage for sex and continue your life with Kids.
        Do not export any liability nor an opportunist, please. We have few pastors in Nigeria. Be careful.

    • Emmanuel Bawehinmi
      Emmanuel Bawehinmi

      He is interested in your money , he didn’t love you,

  2. Please stay away from him, he will only use you and dump you, a word is enough for the wise.may be he is a punishment for your sins.

    • Firstly thank Your God that, you haven’t ventured into the relationship,, 2condly,,, did the Pastor has wife at all……that man is not a pastor…,the man is OLOJUKOKORO ….he knows ur husband has money and he need money which he believe your family wealth is the best avenue to enriched himself…after the man got what he needs from your end…then you become dump vessle ..the best way you can do now, go back to USA and keep praying to God to destroyed the spirit of love between u and him..cause,, he can go to any length because u….

      • A pastor abandoned his church & followers in Nigeria when a lady working in spain came on vacation to get married to any suitor within a month. Pastor was contacted for prayers. He jazzed the lady, prayed for himself and got married to the lady then bolted out. Imagine thi!.s.

  3. Oluwagbemiga Adebiyi
    Oluwagbemiga Adebiyi

    Be careful my sister,that man is coveteous.He is a gold digger,he is not a friend of your family.You have said it all,with all the love your late husband showed him.It is a trap,and you have seen it before hand.

  4. Julius Oba Oluwatosin
    Julius Oba Oluwatosin

    Madam you have to be very be
    carefull because of the proposal of the Pastor …and its too early for you to have another man to marry please mum be careful

    • Yes, the woman will regret her life later, the pastor is a fraudster, he want to deceive her with marriage inorder to be in possession of the money, all he want is the money, as soon as he achieve his aim he will frustrate her, he can even kill the woman. The woman should keep off, instead of that pastor she should go back to America.

    • Please dear becareful okay, for have gone in the name of they’re pastors, one’s again becareful davety journey

    • Yes becareful. Many are woif in sheep clothing. How you sure he is not married. Kindly go back to America

  5. Jessica, if you love yourself & your life, run for your dear life. That so called Pastor Chucks is a gold digger, he’s after your husband money. You will regret marrying him later.

  6. Something is wrong with the pastor,we need to know more about his family background and past marriage life before we give full comment

    • True love comes in different ways let me say if i was a friend to your husband and I have seen the way you have taken good care of him and never gone out looking for sex even with the limitations your illig husband had and you are beautiful I would also Mary you and am 40 years old today.

  7. Flee flee flee away from him. He is a devil incarnate. He doesn’t love you in anyway. He is after your money. For past number of years you have stayed without sex. Don’t unequally yoked with an unbeliever. God has preserved you all these while will definitely take care of your emotions and need. I suggest you go back to America and stay with your children, unless this story is not true.

  8. This story might be a fabrication but this kind of stories happens in reality….. The pastor is 40 why unmarried or what happened to his marriage? Ur 60 obviously menupause has visited u. The pastor could love you genuinely but be careful many pastors are possessed with the love of money

  9. Madam, please, give yourself a very good distance with that GOLD DIGGER if you want to live long. Believe me, as an Igbo man, he is only concerned about your money and not you. Don’t say you were not told.

  10. There is no love there. The pastor is confused and foolish.. lost his reasoning do to poverty. He may realize he made a mistake after marrying him… It is not even you that needed help here it is the pastor! You have children, you have family… But the pastor probably wanted to go to America.. love for money can be deadly

  11. Materialistic pastor indeed, pls end it all with the so called pastor of that age proposing to his mother, pls have you informed your children?. He is a gold digger, run for your life, never trust him for love. Friday

    • As for me he’s not a spirit full God servant…. he’s fake….go back to America, don’t let him know you’re going back to America… just tell him to give you sometime to think about it…. because he’s a gold digger looking for greener pastures… and mind you…be prayer full because most of Dem are demonic agent claiming to be God servant… 40yrs a serious man of God is not married…I know he will have use many lady in that church and dump Dem…. please don’t marry him….

  12. Dearest bereaved, be consoled ; for it is well if thou believest . .. conserning the death of your husband , and the intentions of pastor Chuks to marry you , be careful not to fall into the hands of a gold digger, pretending to be ” a servant of God- lest he should rewrite the story of the family, ye are warned!
    Long may you, your two sons ,the memory of your husband and your good fortunes …
    Away, away , away from him , he would cause you pain inevitably !

    • Kpam.

      • The guy is a gold digger please, steer away from him. Why isn’t he married already at 40? Except he is a widower with children too then there would be no problem him proposing to an elderly, super rich lady knowing fully well that she won’t give him marital issues and they will be equally very comfortable because there’s more than enough cash to burn with or without children from her being that both spouses are parents already. Anything short of this please politely turndown the proposal with the excuse of age difference but promise him sincerely to transfer money for the church project to fulfill your late husband’s wish and ensure to distant yourself from him lest you give him room to commit a carefully planned homicide but may ensure to make it look like a real, natural death. “A word, is enough for the wise”.

  13. Mufutau afolabi shittu
    Mufutau afolabi shittu

    Please tell the lady to ran for her life because now are days pastors oh oh am sorry for the woman tell the lady to back to the States and relax for some time, for me this advise we all advising this will not work because women are Soo wick

  14. The pastor had known your family for 40 years and didn’t meddle all this time. If he was a philanderer you wouldn’t need to dig very far to know. Do some digging if you don’t mind. But all the negative comments I read here might not have been made if the subject wasn’t a pastor. If you genuinely like him, accept his proposal. He has proved to be faithful and consistent….if all this story is true

    • With the way you answered, you’re sounding more like the Pastor himself. Are you the Pastor posing with a alias?

      What do you mean? A Pastor telling his late members wife that he LOVES her just after 3 months of the man’s burial? Does it mean that he’s being eyeing the woman and having canal thoughts of her while he was a family friend?

      What kind of Pastor is that that will not allow a widow to mourn in peace, rather proposed to her immediately he heard she’s leaving?

      I have heard a lot about “wolves in sheep clothing” I didn’t know it is to this extent!!!
      As a matter of fact, because of that kind of Pastors, people are fast losing faith in the Christendom!

    • You are a gold digger, how can u be so lostful to marry a woman 20 years older than you? Idiot.
      You are a gold digger, how can u be so lostful to marry a woman 20 years older than you? Idiot.

      Shut up your mouth

  15. Madam plss run for ur dear life that man will kill u.he is after the wealth. U ar 60yrs and he is 40yrs check it out I said run very fast.

  16. Madam, he is definitely wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even if he is determined to truly marry you, he wouldn’t be genuinely committed in the marriage. Your wealth will founding his extra marital pleasure. You may go on if you merely desire a cruise but marriage NO, please.

  17. Hi.lady he didn’t love you l know he only needs the money. this kind happened in Delta State where the pastor convinced his church member to abandon her husband and marrie him.after 3 yrs the lady told him that the brother stopped sending money his love for the woman died.the marriage ended.

  18. Pls in my own point of view, pls is better for you to go back to America, because of this nowadays pastor they are not trust worthy, he may kill you because of your money, ignore him, and face your Life afresh, he has know you and your husband as a billionaire,

    • Marriage is not about money but love,the Bible gives a widow a freedom to be married again, therefore if the lady is willing and if it’s the will of God ,then let them marry each other, some times let’s not judge men of God with the love of money,suppose the Lady was poor, what advice will you give her or the pastor,again married is not about children alone,but a business of two who come together forever, many pastors have not reached where they were destined by because of financial challenge, let them marry each other and serve God with their wealth my take

  19. Sister, age is not what matters, but, it is his sincerity that matters, people have spoken well, a word is enough for the wise, never allow your emotions or your serious need for a man mislead you to engage yourself in something you will later blame yourself for doing it, if it doesn’t claim your life. This is Nigeria, how people think here is quite different from how you think in America, the man’s calculation is beyond your imagination. Take care, we are of the same age, I wish you long life.

  20. The fact has been said been many

  21. He doesn’t love U. He wants to get to the little fortune ur husband left U with and also go to America through U. He is a Scam please Runnnnnnnnnn.

  22. . .my sister please save yourself the grief to come . .if you want to know what that pastor is out for, try delaying him unnecessarily intentionally and you will see his real self . .if you feel lonely go to where no one knows you or your worth and have the opportunity of encountering true love again if necessary . . otherwise engage yourself in charity work that can be engaging.
    Thank you

  23. You should run for your life. Nigerians pastor or not can do any thing for money. He will eventually collect the family money and kill you.

  24. Madam, pls. run run back to America. This pastor is definitely after your money.Using you and dumping you is his motive for sure.This is the stock in trade of many Nigerian pastors.

  25. Your pastor get hand on your husband death, be careful and run away from that Engel of devil cull himself pastor.

  26. Adeboyejo akeem adeleke
    Adeboyejo akeem adeleke

    Pls,madam!,i am begging you in the name of Almighty God to pls run away completely from him,otherwise,you will regret the relationship.
    You are 60yrs old, may you not have heart attack or stroke if you venture into it..
    Pls,go back to USA and be enjoying the of your labour. I am a nigerian living in Nigeria, i am engr almost 60yrs we know them.If you dont run away quickly,he Will charm you.”Lobatan” meaning finished.

  27. Pls dear mum don’t accept him, he’s a scam, he’s after your money, your life and properties pls don’t accept his proposal, just travel back to America and stay with your kids. I need you to survive for your children n grand’s children.

  28. Hello, may good Lord abides with you forever and may God grants your husband eternal rest Amen.
    Please get set and move back to America immediately for the safety of your life. Your husband family could come to your aids Jessica, it’s better you marry your husband younger brother than this pastor that can kill you immediately after marriage to him just to inherit your hard arming Billions your husband left for you. I pray for good God Holy Spirit to rule your tots Amen. ♥️♥️💋

    • Chukwuka Endurance Success
      Chukwuka Endurance Success

      The lady said that the pastor have energy that means the pastor Don dey date her already however go back to united state of america.

  29. Madam, pls. run for ur dear life. This Pastor must be a scam.

  30. Well, no one can tell if the pastor is sincere or not.
    My question to the poster, can u tell us the marital status of the pastor?
    Beside, with ur age… I can say, u are older than the pastor with wide gap.
    Had been u are age bracket, it is another thing.
    Pray to God guidance and ask people around who knows the pastor very well to tell u more about him.


    The best advice is to have a three days prayer and fasting with other men of God . The Holy spirit will tell you the kind of person the Pastor really is and his mission. Pls pray with Psalm 24

  32. Yes be careful and pray the pastor might be genuine not a gold digger as said by others. You have all answers to yourself. Follow the peace in your heart and seek God.

  33. If I may asked why has the pastor not married yet at the age of 40. Why is he is falling in love with you just few months of your husband death?, Even when he aware you are supposed to mourn your late husband for a year as Bible recommend. Frankly speaking, the pastor does not love you, rather he is just interested in your wealth, so be very careful and do not fall into the devilish trap. Don’t even allow him to mention such to you anymore and try to stay away from this gold digger.

  34. Give him a test. Tell him if he truly loves you enough to marry you,let him relocate with you to America. Also set him up with a lady here in Nigeria to proof his fidelity and sincerity to you.You may as well set him up with one of your lady friend in America to woo or toast him and see what will happen. How about the issue of children? Ask him is opinion about that! Will he wants to have children with you or adopts or?

  35. See you must b careful.cos you don’t know his intentions.however ask pray for directions.think before you act.

    • From d weak point of view u presented ur matters, it appears u’d prefer if readers wld advise u to go ahead & marry him, but capital NO! U didn’t say if he’s married, divorced, separated or single. Why is he not married yet? Why u of his Mom’s age? Have u made any findings abt him? To b on d safe side, u can help him financially, but go back to d US fast. Dt’s not luv; it’s greed!

  36. Give him a test. Tell him if he truly loves you enough to marry you,let him relocate with you to America. Also set him up with a lady here in Nigeria to proof his fidelity and sincerity to you.You may as well set him up with one of your lady friend in America to woo or toast him and see what will happen. How about the issue of children? Ask him is opinion about that! Will he wants to have children with you or adopts or?

  37. Jessica is playing with death. The pastor’s intention is to inherit ALL the property so he has a plan. My sincere advice is NOT to accept the proposal thou she can give him some cash for the Church. If she venture marry d man, she can’t last 3yrs b4 she die.

  38. Stanley (Henry)Sunday uwah
    Stanley (Henry)Sunday uwah

    In my own point of view and suggestions,the woman in question should atleast stay a decade for the monuring processing of her death, before choosing to live with another man,she stayed 10years and i really appreciate her for,one decade is just 365-1 if leap year,so she can stay,just for the respect and love she had for her husband when he was alive

  39. What kind of a pastor is he that couldn’t allow you to mourn your husband for atleast six months. He is not worth being your husband. though u have stayed for many years without having intimacy with your husband because of his illness, but it’s not a quarantee for you to marry any man that just come on your way pretending to love u, please calm down, God is not asleep, he will surely see you through.

  40. Hmmmmmmmm!!!
    Madam, hold your two ears and go back to America tomorrow morning or as fast as possible. A pastor marrying an older woman of twenty years gap is very rear with all the beautiful ladies in his Church, except he has ulterior motives like this one.
    My advice is that, if you want to do anything for God by completing the Church building project, please do BUT DON’T HAVE ANY CONJUGAL OR SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.
    If you do, be ready to die young because some people already know your husband died of a terminal disease, he would say you too already got infected but he just had mercy on you as a man of God.
    Go back to America but do for the Church what is in your heart.
    If you want to remarry, not too young a person like him. You need your mate, not children climbing you ma.
    A word is enough for the Wise..

  41. You woman should not accept that
    *first the pastor is fake pastor
    *the pastor is after your husband property
    *he are not a good adviser pastor
    *you as Shirley may God have mercy on you for entry that relationship. Thank you may God bless each evryone of us.

  42. He is a gold digger. A 40yr yr old man cannot be loving a 60 yr old woman with nothing attached. Twenty yrs younger, what is he really looking for in you that meet the reasons for marriage if not your money and opportunity to become American Citizen and take advantage of you to climb? Twenty yrs gap in age is too wide for you to risk. If the age difference is the other way round, it would have been ok. Pls mam, shine you eyes. There is more to this proposal than meets the eyes. Trust to one, not even your Pastor.

  43. Three months after husband’s death and u want to enter into another relationship? I think it’s too early. Secondly, I advise u should go to God seriously in prayers concerning this proposal. It’s rare to see marriages of this type with this age difference especially in Nigeria. I don’t know why he loves you, and that is why u must seriously go to God in prayers and possibly contact a higher genuine man of God for council. Don’t be too quick to consider this type of proposal until u confirm that God is in support. Thanks

  44. Please he didn’t what it, leave him alone (pastor) please go back to America and spend time with your children they her husband for now not that pastor .

  45. Ma please 🙏🙏🙏 seek God face, this issues is a serious matter. And remember marriage there’s no coming back ma. Pastor of nowadays are not pure.

  46. Please go back to America and continue to be a good mother to your family esp your children. Truth must be told the pastor in question don’t love you abit,instead he is in love with your family wealth. He might go extra miles to destroy you to have all your wealth. Your children still need you. Please and please go back to America and safe your life. Youth of nowadays are mean.

  47. What does ur heart convict u about the proposal. Pray,follow Gods guidance and ur heart too. God bless u as u make Wise decision.

  48. Love don’t judge, find out if he truly loves you as he claims. He might be for real, this is not peculiar only in Nigeria, it happens around the world. Let romve the tittleship “Pastor” he a man he has flesh and blood. He needs to be loved, love can be attracted by caring and remember he has been taking care by this woman and her late husband. If that is your choice why not. Am just a concerned marriage counselor.

    • Madam don’t allow love or relationship?!!! send you to your early grave?!! Most pastors are demons!!! pastor proposing you take a second thought?? so that you may not regret your life?? if you love your kids and yourself?!!! his an advice go back to your USA Nigeria pastors whatever name they call them are dangerous ?!!! with this proposal to marry you!!! I hope the pastor will not do something funny??? with your names by tying your enemie with diabolical means ?!! I mean to tie you down for the rest of your life?!!! open your eyes madam cos elder say a fly that refuses to listen to advice follow dead body enter grave be careful?!!

  49. Mrs Jessica!!! Listen to the words of the elder.
    That pastor na scammer!
    Fake, 419 and dubious pastors are too much out there.
    Please be warned!

  50. George Aiewonharie Paul
    George Aiewonharie Paul

    Thank you so much and may God Almighty enrich your corporate institution in Jesus name amen

  51. George Aiewonharie Paul
    George Aiewonharie Paul

    Pls my dear this your pastor is not a pastor o o he want to eat where he didn’t sow , He is a 419 kindly sever your relationship with him with immediate effect, He needs your money and do away with you , pls pls am on my kneels run away from him


    Woman gaskiya wallahi mamana you have to very much becareful okay, this is just what I have for you for now, safety journey

  53. Pls sister,Jessica,go back to America,if you are doing anything for the pastor do it because of God,like building Church for him,dont even have any relationship with him please.He is after your money,he will pretend to be very good and be close to you,know everything about you and delet you and your children away,mark the day I give you this advice cacnt you see the hand writing on the wall.You are morning your husband,you spent your whole life with to get to this age and in your pains he proposed to you,are you sure he hasn’t casted a spell on you,oh,let the spirit of dead react.God will give you another man if you want to remarry but not this,he is not the one.Use your senses,You said nobody has talked to you for a long time,is it when you are taking care of your husband,stressed,you won’t even know that people admire you.Morn your husband after you will see many of them,disguise yourself to be poor to get a true love.

  54. Pls madam, if I may ask why going for another marriage. What do you want from man again why can’t you go back to your home and take good care of your children, so that your children will care for you at your old age. Pls ma a word is enough for a wise. Use your head and know the type of love you’re going to make with your son mate. Thanks.

  55. If he is a pastor, and is 40 years old yet unmarried, despite meeting, counselling and praying for so many young and beautiful ladies that are well to do, he suddenly proposed to a rich 60 year old widow, HE IS A GOLD DIGGER!!! Run….keep Running

  56. I am not sure you want to get married again, but if you do, go to God in prayer, he will surely tell you what to do. Hear from God and not man,
    The Bible says the secret things belong to God and those that are revealed to us, is for us and our children.
    In proverbs: the Bible says” It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but it is the duty of us to search it out.
    My humble submission is go to God in prayers. God bless you my sister.

  57. Pastor at 40yrs is expected to be married already and the Bible allows a widow getting married to a widower. Secondly my dear Jessica you’re already 60yrs, I advise you to focus on your children and devot to God. Otherwise your will regret falling in that sinful relationship. God bless you.

  58. Thank God for the wisdom of sharing your feelings here. Don’t go that track with the so called Pastor. He has nothing good for you but to frustrate and kill you at the end after getting hold of your possessions. You run for your life back to America. Beautiful chances awaits you there.

  59. Patrick Ashibuogwu
    Patrick Ashibuogwu

    Madam, please be careful of that man and also for the interest of your children. Think about it you already have two children who are grown and working, your late husband left enough money behind to keep you going. If you can stay without sex for ten years why can’t you stay the rest of your life. I don’t want to think of where you made mentioned of him(the pastor) being full of energy/strength I don’t know how far both of you have gone, but I want you to know that there will be more respect for you in heaven and earth when you stay without a man after the death of your husband than remarrying, secondly the pastor have you asked why he is still without a wife till the age of 40? And why he finds a widow more perfect than the single women out there? Have you thought about the feelings of the children you and your late husband has? My advice is that you should not even think of marrying that man, in respective of the feelings, you can assist in building the church as your late husband wishes, but never go beyond that. Go back to the state and love your children. Help the less privileged, the motherless and those who are in need with that God will hear you and answer you more than remarrying for selfish interest .

    Thanks Patrick is my name married and by God’s grace am happy with my marriage and in death I will not forgive any one who claims to be a friend while am alive but has an eye on my wife, then after my death proposed to my wife. Be careful my dear

  60. From d weak point of view u presented ur matters, it appears u’d prefer if readers wld advise u to go ahead & marry him, but capital NO! U didn’t say if he’s married, divorced, separated or single. Why is he not married yet? Why u of his Mom’s age? Have u made any findings abt him? To b on d safe side, u can help him financially, but go back to d US fast. Dt’s not luv; it’s greed!

  61. It appears u’d prefer if readers wld advise u to go ahead & marry him, right? But NO! Don’t try it! U didn’t say if he’s divorced, separated or single. Why is he not married yet? Why u of his Mom’s age? Hav u made findings abt him? Honestly, u can help him financially, but go back to d US fast. Dt’s not luv; it’s greed!

  62. Madam if you mistakenly married him your name will be come SORRY

  63. I think it’s too early for you to engage in any serious relationship after the death of your husband. You have two grown up children, what do you want in this relationship? I know, you need a companion, but this is too quick in coming. Pray and let the spirit of God lead you.

  64. The pastor maybe Right by love why his been condemned is that his a pastor his still a humanbeing he has feelings like other humans do remember that love is a sacrifice you are not going to give a child by your age he knows your age his not going to have a child and you have to pray over it because love is sacrifice please make sure you pay a wise decision towards the sacrifices of life and death which is love thank you

  65. That pastor is a yahoo pastor ,,madam run for ur life he is a gold digger

  66. First madam, I want to ask, is the pastor not married before now? And why you madam? Pls madam be very very careful, I’m a pastor also & I can tell you that this pastor wants to use you achieve whatever pls he has. If you’re led to assist in God’s work do it, but leave marriage aside, look after your 2 kids okay.

  67. God bless you ma, for not hidden your feelings, The pastor is a complete GOLD DIGGER!!!! Run for your dear life before too late, he is finding way to froud your husband’s account before kill you, and the only way to succeed you is to confused you with ” proposal, ” is your family money he is after is even a planed work with some of the member even the real wife, go meet your children.

  68. Good day madam
    If I may ask is this pastor married ?
    If not married why has he not gotten married at 40 years as a pastor.
    Why does he not allow you time to mourn your hubby at least 6 months.
    I suspect him, I don’t think he is genuine

  69. Chukwuka Endurance Success
    Chukwuka Endurance Success

    The lady said that the pastor have energy that means the pastor Don dey date her already however go back to united state of america.

  70. Jessica, what a beautiful name? You might be beautiful as they have said, but I don’t want you to deceive yourself if someone is deceiving you. Apart from age, remember you have two grown up children and you have told us in you statement that you are very discipline by not cheating on your husband even at sick bed for years. Please maintain your discipline and do away with promiscuous and deceitful man called himself man of God. He is not man of God, he is a devil in disguise. He came to your house frequently to pray because of what he received from your husband before he died. He doesn’t want that avenue of that resources to block and that is the reason he quickly advance to you the proposal before you take any step. As people have said, he is a covetous, gold-digger, devil in human skin and the like. My kindid advice to you is to go back to your children and pray to God to give you long life to be the mother of your children till God calls you home. Don’t die before God’s time. The man will kill you after luying you to will the money to him and your children become orphan suffering. Someone said if you any man to share things together, go back to USA, engage yourself in a contract and life goes on. You will see a strong man better than him. This is the truth I tell you, I can’t deceive you based on you story if your it is genuine story. I am just like a brother to you. Cheers!

  71. Madam, first of all, you are 60years old, so u don’t need a husband of 40years old.
    If that ur so called pastor is a real one, he will know that the age gap is too much.
    Madam go back to America and marry a widower of about 65 to 70 years old

  72. Please baby i want to marry you forget that man for more information call me +211924885547

  73. In the first place is the man of God married or not,to me the so call man of God hv interest in u before ur late husband pass on,u will need to be very careful of him.
    On ur own side u said ur husband has been paralyzed for 10 years and u hv not seen another man since then,now ur husband is late and money is not ur problem if truly u love ur husband try to respect the late man at least for a year or two is too early for u to go into another relationship.

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