My Pastor Proposed to Me Three Months After My Husband’s Death

This American returnee is confused over the proposal from her pastor. She claims early this year she relocated back to Nigeria with her husband from America.

The husband had a terminal ailment and he decided to spend his last days in Nigeria after living all these years in America. These is what the woman told the relationship expert;

Please publish so I can have good advice. My name is Jessica and I am 60 years of age, I just buried my husband 3 months ago and thinking of going back to America only for my pastor of 40 years to propose to me.

When we relocated back to Nigeria my husband told me he needed to be more spiritual before his death. He wanted to attend a spirit-filled church. That was how we started a fast-growing church in our neighbourhood. My husband is a billionaire and died leaving more billions behind. The founder of the church took a special interest in our membership and very soon became a family friend.

My husband showered him with so many gifts and bought a 2015 Mercedes for him. He knew he was going to die so never cared the way he spends his money. And on the other hand the founder of the church Rev Chuks is a very nice dude. He comes to the house every day and prays for my husband.

Least I forget, me and my husband have two sons who are working in the United States Army. My husband was planning to build a new auditorium for Rev Chuks when he died. Now with loneliness on my part, I am considering relocating back to the States when Rev Chuks suddenly proposed to marry me.

Rev Chuks is cute and full of energy. He has promised to cherish me and adore me and to be frank, I am seeing reasons why I can marry him. But here in lies some issues. I am 60, he is 40, secondly my husband showered him with so much love why would he want to marry his wife?

Someone told me he might want to use me in completing his auditorium so I should stay off him. But truth be told my husband has been paralyzed for the past ten years and I have not seen any other man since then. Now money is not my issue as I can even afford to complete the church without a string attached and still go back to America.

But the question I want to ask is that Should I accept his proposal? I am bothered if he truly loves me or not.

Thanks, Jessica.

In my own point of view, Jessica needs to be careful as our pastors of these days can not be entirely trusted. comment.

What do you think about this? what should Jessica do? Please advice her by dropping your comments below.

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  1. Here’s my proposal to Jessica
    It’s said a woman is never too old to yearn, but God has blessed you with children.
    It’s written in the Bible that a widow is free to relocate n find someone,, but it is possible in order to fulfill your dreams.
    Consider the age of the pastor n that of your children..
    Ask yourself a question.
    Would your kids be comfortable seeing a person almost their age in the name of pastor having their mother as their father?.
    Complete whatever project Ur husband 🌟 ted in the church and let the pastor know that you still love the church, n you can help him in times of need.
    Because you are not frustrated in life, tell the pastor to find someone he can wed n promise to support him in this move.
    Remember the story of Joseph in Egypt, the devil is working with the pastor to destroy the CHURCH.
    Be very careful Jessica, the wealth you are left with is GOD given one n if you allow pastor in your home as a husband God will punish you..

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