My Sister’s Husband Always Tell Me He Loves Me That We Should Be Dating Anytime My Sister Is Not At Home

My Name is Sandra, I am 23 years old and I am a polytechnic student. I’m a currently staying with my sister and her husband since my mum and dad are dead and I don’t have any other places to go except my sister’s place.

Since I’m back from school, my sister’s husband has been disturbing and asking me out by chatting me online and sometimes telling me directly when he sees that my sister is not in the house. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE DETAILS AND READ FULL POST πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

He has been telling he loves me and that we should be dating each other secretly without letting my sister know which I refused I can’t do such.

He told me he loves me cause I’m a decent girl and he his in love with my shape. He promised to buy and do anything for me if I accept for him and he will take good care of me.

I don’t feel comfortable anymore in this house cause anytime my sister went out, he will come to me and started hugging me and nearly want to kiss me. Even if I’m sleeping sometimes, I will just noticed that someone is already sleeping on me from behind without my consent. I’m even scared he shouldn’t try to rape me one day.

The problem I’m having now is that I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to tell my sister because she is an angry type and even me and her are not in good terms. if I tell her now, is either she thinks I want to blackmail her husband (but I have some evidence with me to proof that I’m not lying).

They might fight and got separated cause she’s too hot tempered and I’m scared everybody will be blaming me that I destroyed my sister’s marriage.

I have nowhere else to go since school have not yet resumed. He’s always disturbing my life even when my sister is around he will be chatting me online telling me he really loves me that I should please accept his request.

Please advice me, what should I do?

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  1. Leave the to a frd place

  2. Leave the house to a frds place

  3. my own humble advice is that you should leave the house and go and stay with a friend , may be one of your friend in school or family friend, in the alternative if you are staying off campus go back there

  4. Dear apply wisdom, play along with understanding, but don’t allow him do what he want .

  5. My advice is that you should leave the house and find another place to stay , you can even come to my place there is a lot of rooms

  6. I pray the man see’s reason to stop disturbing you in Jesus name amen

  7. You see one of your pastor ,and report same. to him, they can fine room for you in Church to stay


    Pls my sister becareful about this life ,man are too wicked,if he worry u too much tell ur sister and show her ur evidence,for better tomorrow

  9. I have a female friend you can stay with, but you will have to contribute to the bills the few days you stay with her

  10. If you’re a Christian, then confide in one of the matured church families if your pastor is not married. Surely, you’ll find shelter in the church family and you can quietly move out of your sister’s home without causing a crack in your sister’s home. May God help you out of this imminent danger.

  11. If u are genuinely born again, he should have seen the mark of Christ in u. As an adult, kindly find an alternative place though not a permanent solution to all these harassment. U need to repent and accept Christ genuinely.

  12. Assuming you are in Abuja, l can help you with free church accommodation. It’s just a pity. But don’t tell your sister so as not to scatter her marriage

  13. Be open to him and let him know that what he is doing is bad.Inform him that if he continues you will share the matters with your sister and other relatives and then see his reactions

  14. If u r a Christian, pray for divine intervention. If u attend, Baptist, Anglican, Catholic, Redeem, Winner’s, church, etc, n hv regular Bible study church meeting attendance, confide to d pastor. Thru prayers n interaction wt d pastor, u will b relocated. Delay to leave there is dangerous to u n ur sister. If story is true, d man can harm u, even physically.

  15. I hope that’s not your picture I’m seeing oo. Because with that killer ass, you can even tempt the devil.


    If u ve any money in ur acct,pls go rent a room,if not look for a friend nd contact her to stay with, and definitely you must let your sister know so that the devil in him will be put to shame for if you don’t let her know he will fish you out and tell you that you took d best decision to leave which makes it safer for the both of you to date. Keep those his chats to you as added evidence. Ok. You did well by not falling into his wicked traps,for he wants to create everlasting hatred btwn you and ur elder sister which after doing he will still beg your sister and she remains with him. Take note,any man that takes such steps is a great WIZARD,LUCIFER HIMSELF OUT TO DESTROY YOU FOR LIFE. Run as your legs can carry you. There’s nothing he has promised you that GOD ALMIGHTY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PASS TRO ANOTHER GOOD MAN WHO IS HIS CHILD TO GIVE YOU DOUBLE OF THEM. Come to think of it,what is that IDIOT going to give you that is not in this planet Earth. Is it fuck,money, clothes that re designers, okrika clothes, shoes,bags,houses,planes,yatch name it, that you can’t get through a ‘decent’ man. Babe WISEN UP.

  17. Where are you from,State and city let me connect you if what you are saying is truly the truth ooo.sent me your number or call me through this number 08154332654..Thy Lord is your strength.

  18. Is not easy sha, prayer of faith changes situations first thing 1st. This really call for wisdom, if you threaten can lead to another problem and if you tell ur Sister, u’re afraid she will have issues with her husband. But u don’t need to keep dying silently. Actions speak louder than words! If truly you are a decent and God fearing lady, God will make a way for you. Block his number or unfriend and leave the house for a while. What am thinking now is dat, is he the one paying your school fees?

  19. Leave the house to your other relatives house. They’re not going to accommodate you after explanations of your experience

  20. Take the bull by the horns and let your sister know, especially when about to leave the house. However, prepare her mind for it so that her temper will not be aroused.

  21. You can stay with my kid sister if you please or though I don know where your located is at if you are interested you can write me on what’s app if that’s cool with you +2349074466613 the earliest you leave that house you are at the Better for you for your own good because that man in question wouldn’t stop disturbing you anytime soon I guess the reason you still hanging in is perhaps it’s the only people you see as family but you have to leave there my sister can provide for you and her if that’s your fear probably until you get a job after your schooling I’m only try to help thanks.

  22. If you are in Anambra State we can arrange you staying with a Sister in the Church in her house for now till you are able to know how to fix it. I may also detail an Elder with knowledge and wisdom to indiΕ•ectly go preach the Gospel to him without him knowing any connections. There are medical doctors, Professors that will gladly like to set out to fish him for Jesus Christ. He doesn’t know what he’s doing at this time and from your writing, not even his wife is born again.

    Meanwhile, do not drop yourself for anything. Wear tights and jeans to sleep especially when your Sister is not there. And try to tell him to Please not to attempt it because I CAN NEVER BE

  23. My sister continue praying Allah ‘ll offer you. You are in denger zone,, pls tell your sister and show your evidence secret and tell her to watch what is going

  24. Just keep the evidence with u tight as evidence in future meanwhile don’t allow him to have access to your fon. Keep refusing him 2 let him what is up 2 is barbaric and ungodly even a sin B4 God. As a student I don’t know how financially boyance u are. But start looking 4 hep on where 2 stay close 2 ur school n look 4 sometin doing like some people advice a beater big church meet d elders n explain wat u are going Tru a good church we come 2 ur rescue dat is if d shameless man persist. God we c u Tru N never allow him 2 sleep with u no matter wat he promises bcos ur sister will never 4gv u. Follow my advice go 2 big church closer 2 ur school n meet d elders. God will surely find away 4 u in Jesus mighty name

  25. Please don't try it. It's dangerous and may end up blackmailing you.
    Please don't try it. It's dangerous and may end up blackmailing you.

    My candid advise to you is that you look for a friend you can stay with temporarily. If you’re living off campus in school, please go and stay there. . Don’t tell your sister anything but move out as fast as possible.
    If you decide to go to family, very soon you may encounter worse harassment. It may even be rape straight.
    So please save your sister marriage and your relationship with her.
    If your sister is not alive you will live ( God forbid) Find a better way out. God bless you for crying out. It shall be well will you.

  26. Don’t do it oh.. That Man’s just so shameless that he wants to sleep with you, with all I’ve read about how he keeps bothering you.. Are you not from Delta state, you can go to either of yout friends house close to you and staying there for the time being and don’t even let your sister know about his husband intentions towards you, cause that will cause a lot of problems between her and the stupid husband. When the man sees that you’re not in his apartment anymore, he’ll definitely beg you not to tell anyone. If not so, then he has an intention to drive your sister out of his house. Just find something doing and stay in your friends house for the time being. Or don’t you have your own boyfriend.

  27. Some men are shameless u can come live with me 08160438195

  28. Keep secrets for yourself. Please don’t spill beans. If your culture allows sisters marriage that’s ok. You are looking to better your own life. You must work harder for that. Getting a man who loves you is difficult. But if you have one with lots of good promises, it’s better. I believe you know this man very well and that he cares for you. Please don’t leave him. If you fear your sister, only change location and accept his request. Don’t go to men whom you don’t know, but just give this man whom you’ve already known that chance. Don’t waste this opportunity, true love is rare.

  29. There is nothing that man will do for you after he has explored you the best thing open up to your sister or leave their home and work out your life else where

  30. My sister, you should look for a friend house and stay with her, don’t reveal it to your sister. The earlier you leave the better for you. That man is devilish.

  31. Stay away from that man find a new place for you πŸ™

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