My Sister’s Husband Go Naked In Front Of Me and This Happened Between Us

I have been living with my sister’s family since the lockdown started and I must confess she really have a very lovely family. She got married to her husband, John, 5 years ago. They have two lovely daughters.

I often visit them since my mom always send me to her, but I never spent more than 2 days before I was stuck this time due to the lockdown. My sister sells food stuff in her shop not far from her house but her husband spend most of his time at home. I always feel at home whenever I am there since there is enough food to eat, constant light (John always put on the generator since he’s always on his laptop), and of course it is my sister’s house.

My sister’s husband is very friendly and fun to chat with. We spent a lot of time talking together. He spent most of his time in the living room working on his laptop while I spent mine watching TV in the same living room, so we became very close friend.

A day before the expiration of the total lockdown, I was sleeping inside my room (guest room) because I was tired. All of a sudden I just started feeling touches all over me, so I woke up, to my surprised, it was my sister’s husband.

I told him to stop immediately but he started saying sweet words just to lure me into a shameful act. He said he appreciates my beautiful glowing skin and all sorts of stuff but I said no. To my surprise, the unexpected thing happened.

In order to hook me, he striped himself naked in my front but thanks to Almighty God, we heard opening of the gate padlock, so he quickly dress himself up and pretended as if nothing had happened by the time my sister drove in. She came home to use the toilet and decided to stay as she was having a stomach pain.

I had to follow my sister to her shop the second day and I left for my house the third day hoping I was totally safe until yesterday that I received a phone call from my sister. She told she had been admitted at the hospital and she wants me to come around to take care of things while she is away. In that very moment I was perplexed and short of words. I was crying inside because I can’t tell my mom what had happened.

Going there will only mean one thing for me, to succumb to his evil act and no one to save me.

I have run out of options and running out of time. What i am going to do at this very moment i don’t know.

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