My Sister’s Husband Is Always Telling Me He Loves Me That We Should Be Dating Anytime My Sister Is Not At Home

My sister's husband said we should be dating

My Name is Funmi, I am 23 years old and I am a polytechnic student. I’m a currently staying with my sister and her husband due to the Coronavirus lockdown since my mum and dad are dead and I don’t have any other places to go except my sister’s place.

Since I’m back from school, my sister husband has been disturbing and asking me out by chatting me online and sometimes telling me directly when he sees that my sister is not in the house. He has been telling he loves me and that we should be dating each other secretly without letting my sister know which I refused I can’t do such.

He told me he loves me cause I’m a decent girl and he his in love with my shape. He promised to do anything for me if I accept for him and he will take good care of me.

I don’t feel comfortable anymore in this house cause anytime my sister went out, he will come to me and started hugging me and nearly want to kiss me. Even if I’m sleeping sometimes, I will just noticed that someone is already sleeping on me from behind without my consent. I’m even scared he shouldn’t try to rape me one day.

The problem I’m having now is that I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to tell my sister because he is an angry type and even me and her are not in good term. if I tell her now, is either she thinks I want to blackmail her husband (but I have some evidence with me to proof that I’m not lying). They might fight and got separated cause she’s too hot tempered and I’m scared everybody will be blaming me that I destroyed my sister’s marriage.

I have nowhere else to go since school have not yet resumed. He’s always disturbing my life even when my sister is around he will be chatting me online telling me he really loves me that I should please accept his request. Please advice me, what should I do?

Please what advice do you have for this young beautiful lady in trouble? Kindly drop your comments and share your thoughts on this issue.

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