My Wife Always Call My Landlord’s Name Anytime I’m Making Love With Her

My wife always call Landlord's name during intercourse

This is a case of a married man who fears that his wife might be having a secret relationship with his landlord. The man’s name is Emeka and his landlord’s name is also Emeka.

Below is the story that Emeka narrated to a relationship expert known as Osigwe he needs advice. Here goes the story below;

“Hello Osigwe greetings from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. how is your day?

My name is Emeka and I am based in Russia. I am presently having a serious issue with my wife over her flirtatious relationship with my landlord.

Ever since I got back from Russia I have noticed a totally different wife. Normally if I travel out to Russia I usually spend only 2 weeks and come back. This time around I spent 12 months in Russia as I had a civil case that saw me spending 6 months in a Russian prison. On my return to my house, I have noticed that my wife has endeared herself to my landlord.

Normally my landlord usually keeps a straight face anytime he sees me. Now since my return, he has been smiling with me even when am owning him over a year rent.

Now, this is how I know my wife has an affair with him. When I am making love with her in the bedroom, she normally calls my nickname which is Action. Action is what everyone knows me as. My wife never calls me Emeka.

Now the first time on my return from Russia when I made love to my wife she was just shouting Emeka, Emeka. I was shocked and asked her since when she started saying Emeka instead of action. She replied is your name not Emeka?

Just this morning again, I caught my wife glimpsing on my Landlord when he was driving out, she was visibly elated and grinning. Her smiles melted my heart.

Please I am so worried, could it be my wife has ditched me for my landlord? Till now my landlord has not asked me for rent and he would be the first to greet me if we happen to meet. No rent payment asked. Always greeting and smiling and now my wife shouts Emeka instead of the usual Action she use to call me.

Please I need your advice below. what do you think the guy can do? Kindly drop your comments.

Note: The picture in this article is just for Illustration.

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