My Wife Cheated On Me, It Refused to Fade Away From My Mind and I Did This to Her – Man Reveals

Before I was cheated by my wedded wife, I used to believe in love, romance, and fairy tales. I believed that I would meet someone and our love would be indescribable. We would be compared to our grandparents, the love of the decade. The woman I would grow old with would balance my crazy; he would love my quirks and my family.

Our story didn’t grow to love or devotion, but it was on the same path. It was still new and exciting. We liked everything about each other because they were different than what we had experienced before.

I was so excited to thrive in this new relationship—I was finally getting my chance. Then I found out the truth: I was not the only man my wife made feel this way. I was one of two, and thankfully, I was the option that discovered the truth early.

When you are cheated on, it is easy to blame yourself. Was my weight a factor? Did I stop being desirable? Did I do something wrong? Every single insecurity that you worked through is on the forefront and screaming.

I never expected to be cheated on so dramatically, but now that it had happened, I have been changed. Trust will be so much harder to obtain. My heart is begging me to stop trying because each break hurts more; my gut is full of doubt when it used to be full of excitement. My relationships will definitely change. I see a woman and see a devil.

I used to trust easily, apparently to a fault. I always wanted to believe that people are good and a fairy tale was possible. I’m not so sure about this anymore, but I do know that my guard is up.

That brick wall surrounds me, armed with soldiers and caution. How can I trust another woman again after all these shit? I never wanted to be the man to search through a phone or question my loved ones intentions.

My heart is also in a weird place right now. While not broken by a relationship, being broken by cheating hurts so much more. My self-love has been reduced and my already fragile heart has been lied to, and for that I am angry. I can’t heal!

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