My Wife Converted to a Muslim and I Divorced Her Because Of That – Man Narrates

My name is John, I am 48 years old, I had been married for 15 years. I met my wife in the church I was attending during my youth days, she was a very devoted christian, this made me fell in love with her and decided to marry her.

I was a very devoted christian too, though I came from a Muslim background, but I lived with my aunt who happened to be a christian, so that made me practice Christianity as oppose my parents. My wife encouraged me to be steadfast in Christianity, even at times when things were not so rosy for us, she always encouraged me by feeding me with words of God.

We raised our children in the christian way, we really built a christian faithful home. I am also an elder in the church, I would have been a pastor if only I wanted but I declined when the G.O of our church asked me to serve God by pastoring in his church, because of my devotion to Christ and the church.

My wife was also a deaconess and a choir. Two of our children held one position or the other in the church. We have lived happily and enjoyed the grace of God over the years, but the troubles in my home started 2 years ago.

2 years ago, I noticed some changes in my wife, she was withdrawn from church activities, whenever we want to go to church, she will give one excuse or the other, its either she says she was having one ailment or that she had to attend to some things at home.

She did this continuously for months that people in the church had to come visit her at home to know her reasons for being absent in the church, all she said was there was nothing. Some other things I noticed with her was that, she had started covering her head and she was always withdrawn in her room most of the time.

Whenever we want to do morning devotions, if I asked to pray, she will ask me to coordinate everything and she will be silent throughout. I reached out to her to know what was bothering her, but she said she was OK, so I left her.

After 6 months, she had completely changed, she doesn’t do morning devotions with us anymore, she goes out on Fridays in jalabia when going for work, someone that only wore native attire on Sundays.

One day I went to her room at night and saw her dressed as a Muslim on a praying mat and reading the Quran, I was surprised, I asked her what was she doing? She stood up and told me that she didn’t know how to tell me. I asked how long that had been going on, she said over a year ago.

I was furious with her, that she was doing that under my roof without letting me know, she that was a very devoted christian, I asked her what came over her. She said there was a time she was chanced to watch a lecture of an Islamic scholar, that the scholar was quoting from the bible and Quran and she was with her bible, all what he quoted from the bible was right, that was what made her to get an English translation of the Quran, that if all what the scholar said was true, then she must find out. She said she had been reading the Quran since then and she found the truth and decided to practice the true religion of God. I told her she must be out of her mind.

I asked her to choose between her marriage and the new found faith of hers, as I can not allow my wife to practice another religion under my roof. She said that is her choice and nobody can change that, not even her parents.

I called an extended family meeting to include hers and mine, they all asked her to obey me as her husband but she said, the only thing that changed about her was her faith, that not that she changed her character towards me, that why must she be forced to do what she doesn’t want to do.

She said she don’t mind, if I want to divorce her that I should go ahead, at least she finds peace in Islam. I knew she would be adamant, but I deliberately called the family meeting so that they won’t be surprised when I divorce her. It’s over a year now that we have been divorced.

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