My Wife Thought I Was Asleep When She Attacked Me, Why Should I Forgive Her After What She Did

My wife attacked me when I was asleep

A married man shared his story with us, seeking advice and want to know what you would do if you were in his shoes about what happened between him and his wife. Read his story below;

I’ve searched everywhere for reasons why I shouldn’t divorce my wife but there is none aside from the fact that the Bible said “for better, for worse”. How can I ever forgive her when she wanted me dead? She had told me it was okay, only to go on after she taught I was sleeping to kill me. I wouldn’t be telling this story if I was the person on the bed when she stroke. Here is what happened.

I married my wife even though I knew her weakness because I thought we all have flaws and besides she is a really nice person and with the help of God, she would change. Maybe I was wrong to believe she would change.

We got married and have had over ten years of marriage not without quarels though but we were coping. We had lasted this long because I decided to forget every troubles she started and I couldn’t let her go still because my parents always taught me to forgive, that she would be a better wife each time they came to settle us.

Now, I’m not saying I am not a flawed man, all I am saying is that she has anger issues and almost everything annoys my wife. She starts a fight over the most insignificant things and never quites until she has frustrated me to my bones.

We have no child yet and I think it was just a warning from above. If we have had kids I guess I would have been trapped forever. She naggs me most times to the point that I spend most of my working hours sleeping. I don’t rush home like other men in my office do, I always want to take some time out with friends before going home so I could excape all the yelling.

Don’t get me wrong she could be really nice when she wants to be. That was the reason why I married her but I can hardly say I didn’t make a mistake this days as it’s been long I saw that very good side of her.

There has been issues of me seeing one of my ex before and it has ligered for so long. I always told her I don’t have anything to do with the said lady. She only calls me to know if I am fine and that’s all. My ex who she felt I was still going out with, already has a family of her own with three kids. I felt insulted when this all started and I didn’t want to be having such issues of trust with my wife but she brought it up anytime there is an issue and I understood she was feeling a little Insecured and so I cut off all contact with my ex.

We didn’t have any quarel for a while and I thought everything had come back to normal only to find out that the worst was about to happen. I came home one evening and was in the sitting room while my phone was in the bedroom when it rang. My wife picked up the phone and answered it. The moment she found out it was my ex which I had deleted the number and it didn’t appear with any name, she insulted the lady till she got to me and started throwing insult at me aswell. She called me all sought of names for still going behind her back to cheat and be unfaithful. She was raising her voice that the neighbors could hear us both. I didn’t want people to think it was true, I was innocent but I had to beg her again. This said lady has tried all she could to get to me but couldn’t because I don’t pick up her calls.

Guess it was just a wrong timing and my wife took it to heart. I pleaded with her and she said it was ok. When she just said it was okay, I felt it this is not my wife because it’s unlike her to agree too sudden. Issues like this usually take the whole night with me begging. for a crime I had not yet committed but just because I was being suspected, I had to beg and I did it without complanning.

She hadn’t served my food then so she quietly went to the kitchen and brought my food as if we never had any quarel. Now I wouldn’t have eaten that food if she hadn’t washed her hands to join me eat from thesame plate.

I became worried as I said to myself. I’ve seen this somewhere before ooh, this might be a set up. we ate together and she went to take her bath. I was already feeling sleepy but I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. I waited for her while she went to take her bath. I just laid on the bed and pretended like I was asleep already. I saw when she came in and had something better on then she went out again. I knew something was not right then I quickly got up from the bed and arrange some clothes there to make it seem like I was the one sleeping there.

She came back to the room after about fifteen minutes with a big stick in her hands. I was hiding and watching from the wardrobe when she went to the clothes I had earlier arranged and covered with a cloth to look like I was the person still there. She struck the clothes twice in the head, where my head should have been of I was the one lying down on the bed. After striking, she felt I wasn’t the one, she pulled of the blanket I had covered on the bed and saw it wasn’t me and I came from behind and held her hands with the stick and she started crying and begging me to forgive her.

Truth is that, If I was the one lying on that bed, I would have made the daily headlines. I would have died instantly as she aimed the head to kill me. But God is not a man and I saw my own deliverance.

Many people have come to talk to me about forgiveness and how I shouldn’t divorce her. I don’t think I can trust this woman ever in my life. She is indeed wicked and I don’t want to have anything to do with her again. I want to live long, I don’t want anyone who would cut my life short and since she has done it before, she would do it again.

Please, I know what to do I just want to know what you would have done if you were in my shoes? My parents feel I’m not being a Christian by not forgiving her and taking her back.

Please, what will you do if you are this man? Kindly drop your comments.

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