My Wife Thought I Was Sleeping When She Attacked Me, Why Should I Forgive Her After What She Did

A married man shared his story with us, seeking advice and want to know what you would do if you were in his shoes about what happened between him and his wife. Read his story below;

I’ve searched everywhere for reasons why I shouldn’t divorce my wife but there is none aside from the fact that the Bible said “for better, for worse”.

How can I ever forgive her when she wanted me dead? She had told me it was okay, only to go on after she taught I was sleeping to kill me. I wouldn’t be telling this story if I was the person on the bed when she striked. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE DETAILS AND WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

I married my wife even though I knew her weakness because I thought we all have flaws and besides she is a really nice person and with the help of God, she would change. Maybe I was wrong to believe she would change.

We got married and have had over ten years of marriage not without quarels though but we were coping. We had lasted this long because I decided to forget every troubles she started and I couldn’t let her go still because my parents always taught me to forgive, that she would be a better wife each time they came to settle us.

Now, I’m not saying I am not a flawed man, all I am saying is that she has anger issues and almost everything annoys my wife. She starts a fight over the most insignificant things and never quites until she has frustrated me to my bones.

We have no child yet and I think it was just a warning from above. If we have had kids I guess I would have been trapped forever. She naggs me most times to the point that I spend most of my working hours sleeping. I don’t rush home like other men in my office do, I always want to take some time out with friends before going home so I could excape all the yelling.

Don’t get me wrong she could be really nice when she wants to be. That was the reason why I married her but I can hardly say I didn’t make a mistake this days as it’s been long I saw that very good side of her.

There has been issues of me seeing one of my ex before and it has ligered for so long. I always told her I don’t have anything to do with the said lady. She only calls me to know if I am fine and that’s all. My ex who she felt I was still going out with, already has a family of her own with three kids.

I felt insulted when this all started and I didn’t want to be having such issues of trust with my wife but she brought it up anytime there is an issue and I understood she was feeling a little Insecured and so I cut off all contact with my ex.

We didn’t have any quarel for a while and I thought everything had come back to normal only to find out that the worst was about to happen. I came home one evening and was in the sitting room while my phone was in the bedroom when it rang. My wife picked up the phone and answered it. The moment she found out it was my ex which I had deleted the number and it didn’t appear with any name, she insulted the lady till she got to me and started throwing insult at me aswell.

She called me all sought of names for still going behind her back to cheat and be unfaithful. She was raising her voice that the neighbors could hear us both. I didn’t want people to think it was true, I was innocent but I had to beg her again. This said lady has tried all she could to get to me but couldn’t because I don’t pick up her calls.

Guess it was just a wrong timing and my wife took it to heart. I pleaded with her and she said it was ok. When she just said it was okay, I felt it this is not my wife because it’s unlike her to agree too sudden. Issues like this usually take the whole night with me begging. for a crime I had not yet committed but just because I was being suspected, I had to beg and I did it without complanning.

She hadn’t served my food then so she quietly went to the kitchen and brought my food as if we never had any quarel. Now I wouldn’t have eaten that food if she hadn’t washed her hands to join me eat from thesame plate.

I became worried as I said to myself. I’ve seen this somewhere before ooh, this might be a set up. we ate together and she went to take her bath. I was already feeling sleepy but I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. I waited for her while she went to take her bath. I just laid on the bed and pretended like I was asleep already. I saw when she came in and had something better on then she went out again. I knew something was not right then I quickly got up from the bed and arrange some clothes there to make it seem like I was the one sleeping there.

She came back to the room after about fifteen minutes with a big stick in her hands. I was hiding and watching from the wardrobe when she went to the clothes I had earlier arranged and covered with a cloth to look like I was the person still there. She struck the clothes twice in the head, where my head should have been of I was the one lying down on the bed. After striking, she felt I wasn’t the one, she pulled of the blanket I had covered on the bed and saw it wasn’t me and I came from behind and held her hands with the stick and she started crying and begging me to forgive her.

Truth is that, If I was the one lying on that bed, I would have made the daily headlines. I would have died instantly as she aimed the head to kill me. But God is not a man and I saw my own deliverance.

Many people have come to talk to me about forgiveness and how I shouldn’t divorce her. I don’t think I can trust this woman ever in my life. She is indeed wicked and I don’t want to have anything to do with her again. I want to live long, I don’t want anyone who would cut my life short and since she has done it before, she would do it again.

Please, I know what to do I just want to know what you would have done if you were in my shoes? My parents feel I’m not being a Christian by not forgiving her and taking her back.

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  1. Pls my brother, this is the best time for you to divorce the lady.
    The woman is possessed with evil spirit and even not compatible with you.
    To cap it all she is still barren after ten years of marriage, it is another prove that you need to send her packing before she kills you.

  2. If your parents feels you are not Christian enough then they don’t mean well for you,both of are not meant for each other, that woman is not a wife material go get a wife that will listin to you and treat you as a husband not an animals, that is my take thanks.

    • Life is only one and it’s so precious, and it is good thatto do everything to keep it, and live. But with wife, it doesn’t matter how good your wife is, or how bad she is, you can remember just recently day a woman killed the husband and buried him in septic tank and when it was revealed he hired a good lawyer to represent her, and life continues. Please be I charge of your life

      • Josphat Charles phiri
        Josphat Charles phiri

        A man should forgive a wife but not to have her as a wife,God did not want him to be dead that’s why he was given that plan to escape death,so he has to thank God for that rescue.Bible says where there’s light , darkness can not be there.She is evil and being driven by the devil so leave the place of temptations.amen

        • My fear is that you may not be that fortunate to escape death next time.

          You are better off without her.

          This is a cardinal sign that should not be ignored.
          Ignoring this will be at your own detriment.

    • I will advise that you leave the woman because she will attempt again to kill you. She is possessed. Don't allow her to terminate your kill
      I will advise that you leave the woman because she will attempt again to kill you. She is possessed. Don't allow her to terminate your kill

      I will advise that you leave the woman because she will attempt again to kill you. She is possessed. Don’t allow her to terminate your life.

  3. Do you want her devil 😈 second plan? If no then there is no reason why you will needs her again. Just divorces her that is all. She is more than wicked. Tell the people that come to talk to you about forgiveness to take her as their wife.

  4. Do u like your life, if yes, better run but if no then stay in order for you to make a worldwide headline

  5. My dear, forgive her and move on with your life, forgiveness won’t stop you from been careful, forgive and run for your life

  6. My dear run for ur life. She is a devil incarnate

  7. Kromeh Bartholomew
    Kromeh Bartholomew

    Pls I know is very painful but find a place in your heart to forgive her and go back to her again. It can take on this situation for the woman to change totally.

  8. Forgive her because you are a Christian.
    But take her back and die.
    If all the men or women who have been killed by their loved ones had the chance you did, they will be alive today

  9. Did you say your parents are asking you to forgive her and go on as if nothing has happened????
    Unbelievable! A Mother???
    Why, is the woman your ticket to heaven? My son, brother, friend, run as if Hell is about to break and curve in. Your life is in danger but it seems you want to see the physical finger writing it in fire on the wall of your bedroom, toilet, kitchen and office. Yoooooo.
    Massa, pretend all is well. Gather the necessary items and go and give her peacefully to her parents. I don’t want to read your obituary if your parents want to.

    • Run run run n run for your life. You will not get a second chance to escape her evil agenda. Divorce immediately
      Run run run n run for your life. You will not get a second chance to escape her evil agenda. Divorce immediately

      Divorce and run for your life

  10. My brother let go of that woman.She is not worth to be a wife That wonan will kill you one day.
    Am afraid the word forgiveness shoukd be left to God only on this matter.

  11. Forgive her but don’t live with her.

  12. Let those begging you not to divorce her marry her. She has killed you already – she only waiting for an opportunity. Don’t give her another. I beg you.

  13. I can saw you making a headline if you accept to retain that evil. Infact, run away from even your parents, they are also an enemy for encouraging you of forgiveness and accept that evil. You can forgive her, divorce her and move on with your life. Run Run Run. The next attempt if you give her a chance, you will never escape it.


    If you are legally married. Seek for divorce since you don’t have any child together. Even if you are not legally married just seperate with her. However , if you are not in love with your ex girlfriend just block her number since she is already married with three children. What else do you need from her number. Block it but get another suitable partner in your life. Ignore your comments from home people.

    • You gave the best advice. What can change a woman is infidelity. It can make a woman very hurt though not enough to want to kill her husband. He should let the wife go but from the story, he’s still seeing the ex. He remove her no from his phone so the wife won’t know. He made the wife to become that evil. He is not a saint but the wife should’ve controlled her anger. She went too far which is enough for her husband to opt for divorce. We don’t know the whole story,we only heard from the man. He could be lying too. Even if his story is true, he caused the problem in his marriage. He was not faithful to his wife. What’s he doing with his ex? Why didn’t he marry her. Even he is more evil than his wife because he’s cheating on her. It’s because they have no kids. The husband might have dead sperms and the woman might be sound, trying to endure the marriage. And someone is calling her barren. The man should check himself too.

  15. Dont forgive even.
    Why is it that she never trusted you to the extent of killing you.
    Even if you forgive you will never forget.
    She should be arrested of attempted murder. I wish you had evidence.
    Pliz let her gooo next time she will first feed you with overdose of sleeping pills.
    Take care. Its good you have no child eith her.

  16. Please my brother forgive her and run for your dear life, just run and don’t look back, thank God she has no child for you, your parents are naive

  17. Risk to life is one of the impediments of marriage. It is as a serious matter as adultery. Marriage is for sane persons. Anybody unable to deal with anger to the extent of considering murder as a panacea is mad and not candidate for marriage. Spew her out of your life or die and go to hell

  18. Ajibade Adeoye Charles
    Ajibade Adeoye Charles

    You can choose to be as foolish as Sampson in the bible, and have a date with your death
    Your Parents Religion connotation is not tenable.
    You have your life to live with or without them.
    The choice is yours.

  19. If your story is true, then you can forgive her by not holding the charge against her in your heart but please, let her go. Forgiveness does not mean you must take her back. Those telling you, you’re not forgiving by not taking her back simply lacks understanding and don’t forget, bible says my people perish go lack of understanding. Forgive her, but don’t play kite with your life. Let her GO.

  20. Forgiveness is necessary.. but divorce is certain.. the bible only said God hates divorce.. n it stated that death is the only thing that warrants separation … Therefore you are dead in the marriage by the story .. and she have to move out.. or the next might be …

    • Lest I forget, the Bible didn’t state in anyway that it is for better for worse oo
      I’m sorry you must be one of those that worship pastors instead of knowing ur God personally

  21. Forgiveness? Yes! Dt’s God’s command. But Restoration? No! Dt’s a choice u must make by urself. Dt u’re still living together since after dt incident and able to sleep with ur eyes closed, I doff my hat for u. Bcoz she ought to b cooling off her feet in her parents’ house. My friend, “For Better For Worse” is man’s invention; not biblical. However, if u want to heed ur parents’ advice, then I guess u shld try and write ur WILL fast. Or better still, publish ur obituary in advance.

  22. Forgiveness? Yes! Restoration? No! Dt’s a choice u must make. Dt u’re still living together since d incident and able to sleep with ur eyes closed, I salute u. Bcoz she ought to have bn cooling her feet in her parents’ house as we speak. “For Better For Worse” is man made; not biblical. However, if u want to heed ur parents’ advice, u shld try & write ur WILL fast. Or better still, do ur obituary in advance.

  23. Your parent who doesn’t want u to divorce her want u death so that they can share ur property. How can such a thing happens to u if it really happens and ur parent still want u to forgive her ; are u sure, you are thier biological child?

  24. God hate divorce but when it comes at the expense of Life then nothing count again.

  25. My brother run for your life.

  26. Be prayerful and also be careful.she was intoxicated by Satan.
    Before you marry did you ever pray over ur wife?if u pray what did God told you?

  27. Leave that lady immediately sir, Your life is at risks.

  28. If your eye will make you to hell plug it out. Or if your right hand, cut it off. If your wife or your family will make you to commit sins that will lead to hellfire, cut them off.

  29. The woman is a narcissist. She will never change for the better but only for the worst. Forgive her and leave her coz were it not for God’s intervention, you could have been dead.

  30. Forgive her and let her go.For the second time, you may find yourself to blame, though your parents advice you.Be your sword as a man.

  31. I read all the advice given to you, they’re not so bad. I want you to know that God created every one of us He knows more than anybody,pls go to Him for the best advice for your life, good bye.

  32. Life is short, and whoever try to play with consider your worst enemy.. therefore divorce is the option if you still want to leave long… is emotional romantic feeling between two other would just come interfere or confirm it so brother follow your heart rather than for someone….. thanks

  33. Life is short and whoever try to play with consider your worst enemy.. therefore divorce is the option if you still want to leave long… is emotional romantic feeling between two other would just come interfere or confirm it so brother follow your heart rather than for someone….. thanks

  34. Omumbejja Nasiwa Angel
    Omumbejja Nasiwa Angel

    Live her and go on she will kill u

  35. Please, life is more precious, every body want to go to heaven but no body wants to die. If you love your self it is time to say goodbye to satanic delish incarnate you called your wife.

  36. Jesus Christ die ei no do them or na if you die join redemption go come since wey Jesus die dey ei dey come back ei no easy when ei remember how ei take go hmmm my brother odiukwa very risky ohhh ruuuun

  37. When you take her back to marriage and forgive her just because other people are telling you to forgive, you may lose life and you will go alone.

    Back to the qn, if I were the one, it would be a go away from my life immediately, I would not even think about her anymore.

  38. Forgive her and run for your dear life, she is a wicked woman

  39. Well this brother has said part of his version, we haven’t heard the version of that woman so we can’t that alone to condem her , every Good judge will like to listen to both parties to ascertain the real fact in every story or case there are two side of either one might be saying the truth or lying just like two sides of a coin that has designs and inscriptions, first case in a fruitless marriage there bitterness since there is no child in the marriage for 10yrs this first issue what has made the two barren for the past 10yrs is the woman or the man with low sperms count or the woman who has the issue of getting pregnant, or the man made the woman go through some abortion or the woman did some in her past relationship, the foundation of anger can come from this issue of the two , and this barrenness to seems dragging the man to his ex who has kids with someone, a woman in African culture without kids in a marriage of 10yrs is a laughing stock of our community, this can be first issue that has brought this up or the character of this woman a quick tempered woman could have cause the death of our brother which would have landed the woman in jail , but let’s look at it at angles that can create such problems since we don’t know the version of the woman , or it can be a meer jealous type of person who can’t control her temper , I have had such experience before we had kids in my past marriage I had an argument with my ex who was quick tempered like this lady of our brother, she torn all my t-shirt in pieces because she was angry I went to our bedroom to calm the situation, she hit our bedroom door to spoil the door so that she can get to me and assault me physically but she couldn’t so after 30mins I decided to go and take my bath and get out of the house for a while to pay a visit to my auntie who live a few walking distance from our house in France, I entered the bathroom to take my bath I look the door this my ex went to the kitchen pull out a knife to open the bathroom knowing that am in there taking my bath immediately I saw her open the door I said to her you see this attitude of yours I didn’t know I would waited before marrying you , that is why I said we should wait to know you better , I told her my ex girlfriend whom I have gone out over a year wouldn’t have done what she is doing , she then pointed the knife to me that one more word about this lady she will stab me in the bath , quick tempered people can do any crazy thing out of anger and jealous before they will realise they have done something wrong , after solving this issue and we had kids this attitude came up and again and I divorce her, all I want to say is that you have created a monster if you live with it you will one day be her prey , is better you leave the marriage and amend your mistakes in your next relationship take time to know your partner before you marry them because there all always hidden characters unknown, stay bless and stay focus because this attempt of your woman can cause your life be vigilant

  40. Please my brother you should rather live a bachelor than to have that heartless woman as a wife. You have enough justification to leave her. Your parents shouldn’t be blinded by their belief. Your life and peace of mind count.

  41. Esv. Terence Ogbhemhe
    Esv. Terence Ogbhemhe

    If you were death by now you will resurate to tell us the Bible say for better for worse okay. You better sent that idiot to her parents

  42. Amadi uche ogbonnia
    Amadi uche ogbonnia

    My brother it’s God that gave you the idea of what you did and it’s also a way that God is telling you that his not past of the marriage please brother if you value your life forgive her and let her go married is meant to be enjoy and not endure it’s not written in the scripture that marriage is to be endure ,the bible saith he that finds a wife fines a good thing so brother run for your life divorce is the best for your life I for once done support divorce but this one God is not in it so God didn’t join the two of u together so asunder needs to come in

  43. Please divorce this devil incarnate called wife before she send you to great beyond,any woman without heart of forgiveness is a killer Anyone that want you to remain in the marriage also wants you dead it is only a living that can tell a tell and it is only a living that can marry, divorce! divorce!! divorce!!!

  44. ASAP divorce her because you may not be lucky to escape the next attack.

  45. Brother the earlier the better let her go before it’s too late

  46. If ur parents so much love her, they should keep her as there wife. For me u should run as fast as ur leg can carry u. I Don’t believe in separation but when it comes to life trenghtening RUN.

  47. Benjamin Alabelewe
    Benjamin Alabelewe

    My bro, congratulations for escaping that homicide. You see, we were not there when you both married. Even if we were, we did not woo her for you. You are matured. Take the decision you will take responsibility. Do what is good for you. But note, it is asoldier’s duty to stay alive. Also it is our duty to live as long as we want.

  48. There’s fire on the MOUNTAIN, run,run,run, a big big fire, run,run,run.

  49. My brother run as fast as ur legs can carry u ooh. Dead men don’t speak.

  50. My dear, am a woman and i will tell u the truth, that woman will definitely find other means to kill u some other day coz woman has the most unforgiving heart when it comes to tins like this and believe me when I say this, this particular wife of urs is a demon and such people ought to be far away from so pls forgive her but make sure u divorce her and stay far away from her even when u do. You can reach me on WhatsApp with this number 07014902216 so I can direct u to someone that can help u get thru this prayerfully.

  51. Brother! I would advice you to place immediate divorce to safe ur life if you want to live, and secondly be very careful in all u do & where u r cuz she may likely find another alternative to have u killed Eve when u aren’t with her. She’s not just a good woman.

  52. brother this is the time for u to remain single or find
    a new one for ur self… Run for your life

  53. Thank God that you are alive to tell your story. Such opportunities don’t come twice.
    Decide in your heart to forgive her murderous instincts but divorce her. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you must continue to live together as husband and wife. She does not mean well for you.

  54. The bible say, a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife
    If they still control your marital life, you are a baby not man
    Who will ever tell you to divorce your wife, who?

  55. All the glory be unto God for His faithfulness by sparing your life. God is not wicked and that is why no issues between both of you. You know her weakness and this has been going on and on, may be she is the type that is good to your parents or your parents are saying it in ironical way, they may not want to come out straight. Please, my brother I have children like you and your life is precious to you and your family and your future unborn children. Go for divorce before another unfortunate event that can lead to your death comes. Please, wise up.

  56. My dear if you love ur self just find ur way before is too late

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