My Wife Used 2 Hours in the Bathroom and I Caught Her Doing This – Man Reveals

Happiness in marriage is not guarantee because so many people jump into marriage without doing a proper consideration on what what will sooth them or what will not sooth them.

This particular man whose name will not be revealed so as not to violate any laws and platform’s rules and to avoid lawsuit, he went on a popular social media platform known as Twitter to reveal all that happened between him and his wife.

According to the man’s explanation, his wife do stay long in the bathroom and it was up to 2 hours that his wife was in the bathroom and then he decided to check on her in the bathroom but he caught her in a sad act and dishonest act.

Although no marriage is perfect and all intending couples should know that but it is not to the level of performing this kind of act all in the name of satisfying ourselves.

However, the man made it known that he caught his wife red handed in the bathroom and she was calling her sugar boy

According to the man’s tweet, he said that, “This is a clear sign to every lady/wife that is engaging in this kind of act to stop it.

I know this is a personal matter but I want others to learn from this. My wife spend 2hrs in the bathroom so I decided to check on her and I caught calling her sugar boy”

But this is really one of the sad aspect of marriage and it really needs to be dealt with ultimate care and wisdom.

Furthermore, if we look at the case of this man, can we know say that the woman is wrong or the man should be blamed?.

In your own view, do you think the man should be blamed or the woman? what can you say about this whole thing that has transpired between the couples?

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