New Settings To Stop Disconnection Of Glo 0.0kb Unlimited Freebrowsing Cheat

After dropping new server to connect the glo 0.0kb unlimited Freebrowsing Cheat, some people still drop complaint that it’s like the new server has been blocked. But today again i will be dropping another settings that will let the glo unlimited Freebrowsing works again.

The unlimited data can be used for browsing, downloading, surfing, and to power all phone applications. Of course, it can be used on PC by sharing internet connection using Pdanet+ application.

Nevertheless, there is now a new proxy server to connect the free browsing which has stopped for a very long time due to server congestion. So, in order to connect the free browsing, you need a brand new server to avoid disconnection issues.

How to Connect the New Proxy Server on Anonytun App

* Open your anonytun VPN application and toggle on ” Stealth Settings”.

* Set Connection Protocol to
HTTP and set Connection Port to 8081.

* Tap on ” Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers “.

* Input ffff.bbbb.qqqq.eeee.ttttt as your URL/host.

* Set Request Method as POST and Injection Method as

* Tick User-agent and Keep Alive.

* Now tap on GENERATE , finally
SAVE and go home to connect.

Enjoy while it last!

Hope this works for you? Drop your comments below.

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